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Category: Male clothing > medieval shoes

Handsewn shoes with studs

Handsewn shoes with studs

Century: XV
Handsewn shoes with studs. Medieval Market, Leather shoes for man

Handsewn shoes with studs - Medieval Market, Leather shoes with visible sole
Handsewn shoes with studs - Medieval Market, Back of the handsewn shoes
Handsewn shoes with studs - Medieval Market, Sole of the handsewn shoes
Handsewn shoes with studs - Medieval Market, Tie of the leather shoes with studs
Handsewn shoes with studs - Medieval Market, Inside of the leather shoes
Handsewn shoes with studs - Medieval Market, Inside of the handsewn shoes

CODE Material Standard Price
MSR1523LeatherHand-made 440.00 EUR

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Handsewn historical male shoes reaching up to the ankle. They are made from natural cowhide leather.

These medieval shoes have a round toe and are tied with two leather straps. On the edge of the leather, you can see hand hemming with linen thread.
They also have a tongue and their heels are additionally reinforced from the inside. They are equipped with the so-called double sole with attached studs.

Handsewn shoes are available in black color with leather straps in natural color. In order to change color, contact us in advance.

CAUTION – to correctly pick your shoe size, please first measure the length of your foot and the length of the insole in your shoes. After that, compare your measurements with the chart below.

Shoe size









Foot size (cm)









Our offer includes a different type of handsewn medieval shoes, but without additional studs in the soles. You will find them here!

Sources for ankle reaching shoes

Material sources that have survived to this day prove that in the Middle Ages, male fashion was dominated by shoes reaching a bit above the ankle. Regardless of the status, they were put on or tied up with 2-4 leather straps or leather bumps.

Our shoes with studs have quaite characteristic (rounded up nose) and common shape, fashionable in the XV century. Sources were accumulated, among others in the Rotterdam Museum.

Shoes with studs – only fashion?

Type of leather shoes lined with metal studs was characteristic for the Roman period. It was typical for inhabitants of cities to use vegetable-tanned hard leather to produce shoes - development of iron processing allowed them to secure their soles with strong studs. During this period the most popular shoes were sandals called Caligae.

In the Middle Ages those types of shoes were very practical during long hiking for example during pilgrimages, crusades or other military expeditions. It seems that also during winter they made it easier to navigate on snow-covered trails.

Over the years, soles were mainly strengthened in places susceptible to damage by metal nails with widened and rounded heads.

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