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Linen medieval gloves for men

Linen medieval gloves for men

Century: XIII, XIV, XV
Linen medieval gloves for men. Medieval Market, seful during work around the house, setting up a tent or on historical events

Linen medieval gloves for men - Medieval Market,  Made from a 100% natural fabric
Linen medieval gloves for men - Medieval Market, providing good breathability
Linen medieval gloves for men - Medieval Market, were worn in the medieval period mostly by lower or middle social classes, like working men
Linen medieval gloves for men - Medieval Market,  Craftsmen used them during their work

CODE Material Standard Price
AMLE1546LinenMachine-made 29.00 EUR
AMLE1547LinenHand-made 39.00 EUR

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A pair of convenient linen medieval gloves, useful during work around the house, setting up a tent on historical events. Made from a 100% natural fabric, providing good breathability and reducing the sweating.

Gloves of this type were worn in the medieval period mostly by lower or middle social classes, like working men. They protected hands from dirt and calluses from work.

During basic activities hand skin is vulnerable to splitting, scratching, burning and other injuries. A pair like this reduced the risk of getting them. Craftsmen used them during their work, like cleaning swords or finishing glass items.

To choose the color of your linen medieval gloves, please check the available fabrics from the color chart.

For customers looking for extra thermal protection against cold we make gloves from wool. Knights will also find something for their needs in our assortment - in the ARMING GARMENTS section you can get quilted mittens and three-finger quilted gloves. But that’s not the only option for fighters - we also have leather gloves designed like models from hunting depictions.

If you are looking for gloves - three or five finger models - made from different materials, like silk, to complete an official costume, let us know! We have an experience in special orders for ladies and nobles, so you can be sure your custom product will meet your expectations.

Linen gloves in the past

Gloves have been worn by people for centuries. Romans used to wear linen gloves during meals to protect their hands from heat and stains. One should remember that back then there was no cutlery in common use. Gloves were also used during kitchen activities.
Our model of medieval gloves was inspired by those worn by working men from the pages of the richly illustrated Luttrell Psalter from 1320-1345.

Glove-making as a profession

A craft which dealt with making leather gallantry was glove-making. It is one of the oldest crafts which is proven by numerous findings from all Europe.
Not all medieval towns had standalone glove-makers guilds. Part of this work was taken by other crafts focused on leather accessories. In the 18th century a mass production of gloves was shaped.
Luxurious items of this kind were made of leather of animal origin: goat, sheep, calf, or deer. An outer layer had to be thin in order to fit a hand shape, especially female ones.
In the past, gloves were worn not only as a cover against cold but mostly as a decoration. They had an important role during religious and secular events and were supposed to attract others visually.

Gloves in the Middle Ages

Gloves in the past were a symbol of law and authority. Wearing garments and items made of leather was a privilege and only small group of people could afford to wear beautifully made and ornamented gloves.
Gloves played an important role during medieval customs, for example a vassal handed a glove, a cane, or a facsimile during the ceremony of pledge of allegiance to a lord or a monarch . Formerly there was a also a tradition of throwing a glove in order to challenge someone.

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