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Category: Male clothing > outer garments



Century: XIV
Tunic. Medieval Market, Medieval tunic for a man.

Tunic - Medieval Market, Simple medieval tunic based on historical sources.
Tunic - Medieval Market, Basic medieval tunic is characterized by simple design and, usually, one color.
Tunic - Medieval Market, tunic
Tunic - Medieval Market, Details of tunic
Tunic - Medieval Market, Sleeves of linen tunic

CODE Material Standard Price
WMLR0441LinenHand-made 170.00 EUR
WMLS0439LinenMixed 109.00 EUR
WMWR0442WoolHand-made 199.00 EUR
WMWS0440WoolMixed 155.00 EUR

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A tunic is a simple gown shown in a variety of depictions. Our medieval tunic is made of 2 main and 4 triangular pieces. It’s a universal garment which may be worn under other clothes or separately.

The tunic has a slit buttoned with 5 tin molded buttons.

We can prepare this medieval tunic in two versions:
linen - WMLS0439, WMLR0441
or wool - WMWS0440, WMWR0442

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Tunic in the Middle Ages

History of a tunic is very long. Similar gown was worn as an everyday garment even in Ancient Rome. Its name derives from the Latin tunica.

In the medieval period, tunics were worn by both men and women. In general, it was treated as a basic clothing, usually of simple design and in one color. However, higher classes sometimes wore medieval tunics which were dyed, combining multiple colors, and richly decorated. This garment could also have a lining in contrastive color and various sleeves, short or long.

hus, a medieval tunic category is very broad and we can assume this clothing evolved into several other well known garments like tabard, surcoat or doublet.

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