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Category: Male clothing > outer garments

Medieval surcoat

Medieval surcoat

Century: XIII
Medieval surcoat. Medieval Market, A surcoat 1

Medieval surcoat - Medieval Market, Surcoat 3 - medieval
Medieval surcoat - Medieval Market, A surcoat
Medieval surcoat - Medieval Market, surcoat type1
Medieval surcoat - Medieval Market, surcoat type1
Medieval surcoat - Medieval Market, surcoat type1

CODE Material Standard Price
WMWR0116WoolHand-made 330.00 EUR
WMWS0115WoolMixed 240.00 EUR

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A surcoat is a long loose outer garment put on over the head, commonly worn in the medieval period. This model of a medieval surcoat has sleeves which can be tossed to the back. We make this garment of wool with a linen lining.

In general, a surcoat should be a little bit shorter than a cotte.

Surcoat in the Middle Ages

A surcoat (or surcote) is a long outer garment used from the 13th century till the early 14th century. In the iconography, it is usually not tightened with the belt. Also, a medieval surcoat is a garment which may or may not have sleeves.

For men, a surcote usually had a form of a simple tunic worn over the head. It was a garment popular among knights who wore it over armor.

A surcoat gained similar popularity among women in that time. However, the medieval surcoat for women was originally characterized by a more significant role and specific look in the form of a spacious cloak or a robe.

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