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Gambeson type 10. Medieval Market, Gambeson type 10

Gambeson type 10

Century: XIV

Long, loose gambeson with a slit on the back side. Wide sleeves. Standard version includes 4 bindings (leather straps). Can be used as the only protection or worn outside the armour. This type of gambeson was used during the whole of the 14th century.

Thin; 1 layer of wadding

Available variants:

id 570 - natural, linen, measurements: H - 132, J - 132, B - 67, average standard

Gambeson type 10 - Medieval Market, Gambeson type 10
Gambeson type 10 - Medieval Market, Size men 2
CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
mMLS0747see descriptionAverage163 146.70 EUR
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