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Category: Accessories > Do-It-yourself

Tent cotton écru (impregnated)

Tent cotton écru (impregnated)

Century: XIII, XIV, XV
Tent cotton écru (impregnated). Medieval Market, Tent cotton écru

CODE Material
NoS0823see descriptionMachine-made 15.50 EUR

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Very strong cotton fabric, satin weave - perfect for making tents or different kind of roof sheets. The fabric was impregnated by a full drowning in anti-fungus substance that also makes it waterproof. Such a way of impregnation is much better than surface impregnation.

Fabric density is circa 340gr/m2. Fabric width: ca. 155cm.
It is possible to produce any amount of fabric.
This fabric is also used for production of our tents.
Kolor: écru
Price for 1 linear meter.

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