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Soldier tent - linen - stock

Soldier tent - linen - stock

Century: XIII, XIV, XV
Soldier tent - linen - stock. Medieval Market, Soldier tent - linen

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A tent made of impregnated linen fabric (ca. 650 gr/m2) for soldier reenactors. 2 masts - height 205cm, combined with a horizontally mounted pole which makes the construction stable. The length between the masts is 1,5m. No guy ropes; there are only loops on the edge of the tent which must be pinned to the ground. Oval entrance which can be closed with a curtain. Measurements: 4m x 2,5m.

The set consists of:
- the fabric
- horizontal rod 150cm
- 2 masts (each consists of 2 parts)
- 14m of polypropylene rope (to harden the mast bindings)
- set of pins + 2 spare
- sack for pins
- sack for the tent

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