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Category: Female Clothing > medieval headwear

Straw hat type 3

Straw hat type 3

Century: XIV, XV
Straw hat type 3. Medieval Market, Straw hat type 3

Straw hat type 3 - Medieval Market,
Straw hat type 3 - Medieval Market,
Straw hat type 3 - Medieval Market,
Straw hat type 3 - Medieval Market,
Straw hat type 3 - Medieval Market,

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A straw hat is a handmade headwear, very popular in the Middle Ages. It was worn mainly to protect a head against sunlight during outside work. These medieval hats are made of broadleaf cattail by plait method. Head of a hat is slightly rounded in a shape of a cone.

Diameter of a hat brim: 33-35 cm.
Height of a hat: 18-20 cm.
Size: unisize.

This medieval headwear will fit a head of 56-61 cm girth (B1).

Our medieval hats are plaited by hand and their sizes may differ.

About rogozhin & historical sources

Broadleaf cattail, also known as bulrush, is a perfect plait material. It is harvested after first ground frost in October and November. Next, broadleaf cattail has to be desiccated and peeled from dirty outer layers.

Among straw hats , broadleaf cattail can be used to make baskets and other containers. Unfortunately, broadleaf cattail is a hardly available material. This craft is slowly disappearing.

An example of a medieval hat from straw can be found in Maciejowski Bible on page presenting the meeting of Ruth and Boaz.

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