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Gift voucher

Gift voucher

Gift voucher. Medieval Market, gift voucher podarunkowy

Gift voucher - Medieval Market, Spes Medieval Voucher
Gift voucher - Medieval Market, Spes Medieval Voucher
Gift voucher - Medieval Market, Spes Medieval Voucher

CODE Material Standard Price
ANIE0989OtherMachine-made 25.00 EUR
ANIE0990OtherMachine-made 50.00 EUR
ANIE0991OtherMachine-made 100.00 EUR
ANIE0992OtherMachine-made 200.00 EUR
ANIE0993OtherMachine-made 500.00 EUR
ANIE0994OtherMachine-made 1000.00 EUR

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See how to place an order for several people

Would you like to make a present for somebody that would really make them happy? We have a solution for you - a gift voucher for 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 EUR.

For a long time, presents connected with hobbies have been the best ones, but to minimalize the risk that the present won't match the taste of the receiver, we prepared gift vouchers. Thanks to them, the person will be able to choose a gift that will be the best. And the choice is very wide - thanks to the voucher, there is a possibility of choosing something from 600 products of the SPES Medieval Market's Shop. What's more, the vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, so each person having them will have time to think the whole matter through.

To use the voucher, all you have to do is place information in the comments of the order about the voucher's number and value. The amount from the voucher will be then substracted from the total amount of the order, including the shipping cost.

Terms of use of gift vouchers:
1. Voucher can be used for purchasing products available in the Shop
2. To use a voucher, please place it's number and how much it is worth in the comment of the order.
3. Voucher can be also realized at our company's stand, e.g. at an event.
4. The voucher's worth will be substracted from the total value of the order, including shipping. Remaining voucher's value will not be refunded and cannot be used in another order.
5. A gift voucher can be used only once.
6. The voucher's expiriation date is placed on the voucher and is estimated for 12 months from the date of purchase.
7. Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
8. Products purchased on a voucher are on standard terms of warranty.
9. The total amount of the order paid in total with a voucher is not subjected to other discounts (order size discount, loyalty discount, special promotion). If the order exceeds the total value of the order, the remaining payment might be subjected to further discounts.
10. While placing one order, only one voucher may be used. Combining vouchers in one order is forbidden.

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