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Small shed 3x3m, cotton - rent

Small shed 3x3m, cotton - rent

Century: XII, XIII, XIV, XV
Small shed 3x3m, cotton - rent. Medieval Market, small shed

Small shed 3x3m, cotton - rent - Medieval Market, small shed
Small shed 3x3m, cotton - rent - Medieval Market, small shed

CODE Material
NBS1093CottonMixed 40.00 EUR
NBS1095CottonMixed 30.00 EUR

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Rent a small, rectangular sheet of fabric (3x3 m) with trimmed edges , with points where you can fix ropes. The shed can be used as a simple shelter protecting from sun and rain (roof) and it is an integral element of a medieval camp. It's made from waterproof impregnated cotton (ca. 340 gr/m2).

The rental of this product is mostly possible on events which we, SPES Medieval Market, attend ourselves. The price of rental does not include shipping costs.

The codes above stand for:

NBS1093 - rental for 7 days (including shipping and return days)
NBS1095 - deposit (returned when the tent gets back to us in good condition)

Number of sheds in stock: 1

The set consists of:
- fabric sheet
- 4 masts of ca 2 metres
- 2 masts of ca 2,5 metres
- set of 6 ropes and 6 tent pegs

The shippment of the rented products from Poland to other countries is available but due to the possible high transportation costs, we treat each case individually. Please contact us with the details of what you would like to rent, for how long and we will prepare an individual price calculation. E-mail: ; phone: +48 605 309 768.

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