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Category: Rent > rent furniture and accessories

Table 120x70 cm - rent

Table 120x70 cm - rent

Century: XIV, XV
Table 120x70 cm - rent. Medieval Market, Table type 1

Table 120x70 cm - rent - Medieval Market, Table type 1
Table 120x70 cm - rent - Medieval Market, Table type 1

CODE Material
NoS1120see descriptionMixed23 19.55 EUR
This offer lasts till the end of stock or till cancelled
NoS1122see descriptionMixed35 29.75 EUR
This offer lasts till the end of stock or till cancelled

See how to place an order for several people

This item is available for renting.

You can rent the item for any time - it may be one day or a month - it's all up to you.
To make sure that the item is not currently booked for the time you would like to rent it - call us or write an e-mail and we will confirm its availability.

Renting prize does not include the cost of transport*. Before renting you have to pay the deposit for the product**.
If during the time of renting you liked the product so much and you decided to buy it - we will lower the selling price by the renting price!

More information you can find here.

Recommended for 4 people.

Very handy, foldable table (table top: 120cm x 70 cm, height 74cm).

How to place an order?

If you are interested in 1 piece add to a basket: 1st day, deposit and as many further days as you need. Additionally you may choose assembling/disassembling*** the item by us at the spot.
If you need more pieces of the product, multiply number of days and deposit by the number of pieces.
You can also place an order via e-mail.

When renting for a longer period of time or big rentings the renting prices may be negotiated individually and you may be granted very attractive discounts. Please contact us for more information.

* Cost of transport is agreed individually, basing on the place of delivery and receipt.
** The deposit will be returned to you after giving the rented item back. In case of damaging the item the deposit might be kept to cover repair costs.
*** Cost of assembling/disassembling is agreed individually and may include possible additional costs such as accommodation etc. depending on the place of the service.

NoS1120 - Price for 1st day.
NoS1121 - Price for following day.
NoS1122 - Deposit.

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