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Category: Male clothing > under garments

Skjoldehamn Viking tunic

Skjoldehamn Viking tunic

Century: X, XI
Skjoldehamn Viking tunic . Medieval Market, Viking clothing for a man inspired by historical costumes.

Skjoldehamn Viking tunic  - Medieval Market, Practical Viking costume for reenactor.
Skjoldehamn Viking tunic  - Medieval Market, it will be perfect on the early medieval historical event

CODE Material Standard Price
SMlE1147LinenMachine-made 109.00 EUR
SMLR1605LinenHand-made 199.00 EUR
SMLS1604LinenMixed 120.00 EUR
SMWE1148WoolMachine-made 159.00 EUR
SMWR1607WoolHand-made 245.00 EUR
SMWS1606WoolMixed 169.00 EUR

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A simple Viking costume made of wool or linen. This example of Viking clothing does not have a lining. Skjoldehamn tunic costume has four gussets widening it from the waist. Gussets at armpits allow free movement.

How did viking clothing look?

Most of all, this example of a Viking costume is practical. This is why the design of the Skjoldehamn tunic is rather simple.

We make this Viking clothing from wool or linen, depending on your preferences. What is more, it has a linen hem around the neck, which provides higher comfort of wearing. Four gussets in this Viking clothing (on the front, back and sides) wide the costume from the waist. Smaller gussets at the armpits of our Viking tunic provide freedom of movement.

This model of viking clothing is loose and convenient, perfect for the everyday routine of a medieval Nordic man.

You can order this costume in one of several colors or in a custom version. It will make a perfect set of Skjoldehamn Viking costume with trousers and hood.

Viking costume inspired by historical sources

Our Viking clothing was inspired by real finds from the Viking era.

Skjoldehamn is a small village on the northern tip of Norway, well-known by the enthusiasts of the viking era. This place gained popularity among reenactors and historians after numerous finds from this period, including pieces of Viking clothing.

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