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Mmi-parti cottehardie - stock

Mmi-parti cottehardie - stock

Century: XIV, XV
Mmi-parti cottehardie - stock. Medieval Market,

Mmi-parti cottehardie - stock - Medieval Market, Size men 2
Mmi-parti cottehardie - stock - Medieval Market,
Mmi-parti cottehardie - stock - Medieval Market,

CODE Material
mKoS1193see descriptionMixed177 115.05 EUR
This offer lasts till the end of stock or till cancelled

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Cotehardie (also: cottehardie, cottardie, cottardita) is a fitted outer historical costume for men. It consists of four parts plus sleeves. Our cotehardie cottehardie is sewn from wool with linen lining. It is buttoned up in the front and on forearms.

Available models:
id 306 - black & blue, woolen, size: M, measurements: A-100 cm, B-85 cm, C-58 cm

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