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A beewax candle

A beewax candle

Century: XII, XIII, XIV, XV
A beewax candle. Medieval Market, Beeswax candle

A beewax candle - Medieval Market, Big wax candle
A beewax candle - Medieval Market, Hand made candles

CODE Material
ANIR0302OtherHand-made 2.50 EUR
ANIR0303OtherHand-made 3.50 EUR

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Historical candle made of beeswax. This type of medieval candle is made in traditional method of dunking a wick in a wax. The result of this way of beeswax processing is a product of individual, irregular shape. To increase the comfort of using it, it is worth to get one of our candlesticks.

Our medieval candle is available in threes sizes:

ANIR0198 — around 14 cm of height, 50 g of weight, and 4 hours of burn-time

ANIR0302 — around 18 cm of height, 50 g of weight, and 4 hours of burn-time

ANIR0303 - around 18 cm of height, 90 g of weight, and 7 hours of burn-time

Beeswax candle in the Middle Ages

History of a candle is very long, reaching even up to year 3000 BC. However, it is worth to underline that ways of producing it were changing in the course of time. Up till the Middle Ages, people used a tallow - an animal fat. Later, it started to be gradually replaced with beeswax candles, having indisputable advantages.

Medieval candle of this type was much more friendly for surroundings. It doesn't produce smoke and bad smell caused by fat burning. In comparison, a smell of beeswax candle is slightly sweet and much more likable.

Thus, historical candles from beeswax were perfect to use in closed spaces. These were also extremely popular in churches. As beeswax was relatively expensive in the past, average homestead rather stayed with cheaper solutions.

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