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Early separate hose. Medieval Market, early separate hoses

Early separate hose

Early separate hose

Century: XIII, XIV

There are holes in the front for lacing up. They are with linen lining in the average standard and with fool foot. In economic version, the separate hose has stapes and is without lining. There is also a possibility of modification.

Separated hose's sizes:
M <- E1 57 cm; E2 38 cm, E3 39 cm, A1 170cm
L <- E1 60 cm; E2 40 cm, E3 42 cm, A1 176cm
XL <- E1 64 cm; E2 42 cm, E3 44 cm, A1 182cm

Available variants:
id 821 - brown, wool, measurements: Length 83 cm, thigh girth 52 cm, foot length 26 cm average standard
id 822 - navy blue, wool, measurements: Length 82 cm, thigh girth 60 cm, without foot, economical standard

Early separate hose - Medieval Market, early separate hoses
Early separate hose - Medieval Market, Hose 2
CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
mMoR1222see descriptionHigh 120.00 EUR

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