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Category: Male clothing > arming garments

A quilted hood 13th century

A quilted hood 13th century

Century: XIII
A quilted hood 13th century. Medieval Market, 13 century quilted hood

A quilted hood 13th century - Medieval Market, 13 century quilted hood
A quilted hood 13th century - Medieval Market, 13 century quilted hood
A quilted hood 13th century - Medieval Market, 13 century quilted hood

CODE Material Standard Price
PMLS1228LinenMixed 54.00 EUR

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Quilted hood sewn from four elements, worn under a chain mail bonnet or a helmet. Perfectly adjusts to various types of helmets (cervelliere, klappviser, close helmet) and thanks to its cut and seams it is comfortable to use and easy to put on.

Thickness: Medium, 2 layers of padding (Y2) as a standard.

Size Head girth (over the eyes)
S 53<55 cm
M 56<57 cm
L 58-59 cm
XL 60<62 cm
Custom Individual measurements. Price + 20%.

were a cheap protection for the fighting men in the Middle Ages, but only the poorest ones used only them as their single armour. For others they were a part of a complete protective armament, providing amortization of the hit and the protection of attritions from the armour. Among padded protective elements we can find: gambesons protecting the trunk and hands, padded gloves, padded coifs and separate hoses. They were sewn from layers of a fabric. In the 13th century gambesons were long and rather badly-fitted to the figure. They were usually put over the head and buttoned only near the neck. Later, with the development of other elements of the armour, gambesons were shorter and better fitted to the body. In the 14th and the 15th centuries they were usually buttoned at the front or laced up.

Gambeson stuffing/layering

Normally we use:
- linen first layer
- second strengthening layer (cotton)
- few layers of batting(for specific numbers, see description of the chosen quilted garment)
- linen lining

In all arming garments (quilted hood etc.), you can change the padding. Click on this picture to see different options of padding available in our shop:

If you decide to change the padding, please write the code of chosen padding (Y1-Y13) in the "additional information" box in one of the next steps of ordering.

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