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Category: Accessories > Do-It-yourself



Century: XIII, XIV, XV
Aiglet. Medieval Market, brass aiglet

Aiglet - Medieval Market, brass aiglet
Aiglet - Medieval Market, brass aiglet
Aiglet - Medieval Market, Aiglet
Aiglet - Medieval Market, Aiglet

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Brass point to ferrule straps (medieval lacing) is an accessory necessary for every medieval reenactor.

This finishing eases the montage of medieval straps in clothes' openings and provides an additional decoration of a costume. It has two openings for mounting an aiglet to medieval lacing. It is made of brass metal.

Two types of aiglets to choose from:
oR1229 - pointy
oR1517 - finished with an orb

Length of an aiglet: 2,7 cm.

Opening diameter: 0,32 cm.

Width in the widest place: 0,46 cm.

Straps as medieval lacing

Medieval lacing with aglets is a necessary part in many garments, both medievalclothing for women and medieval clothing for men. These medieval straps are helpful in mounting hose to suspender belt or pants to doublet. On the other hand, medieval dresses like our dress of type 2 or type 4, need laces with aglets to tie them in front and on sides. Many gambesons are tied in front with a lacing.

An aglet (aiglet) is a word coming from old French language and it means a needle (aguille, aiguille). It came to the old French language straight from the Latin word acus — a needle.

This small medieval accessory can be found in iconography. You can see an example on the Melun Diptych by Jean Fouquet,

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