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Halatafl (Fox and geese). Medieval Market, halatafl fox and geese lis i gęsi gra średniowiecz

Halatafl (Fox and geese)

Halatafl (Fox and geese)

Century: XIV, XV

Fox and geese, or Halatafl, is Icelandic folk game from 14th century, which has spread through Great Britain to the whole Europe. In Asia there are known similar or identical games, such as yasa-sukari.

The game is played with pawns on a 33 fielded board shaped in a isosceles cross. Player moving the geese has 13 pawns available and their task is to surround the lonely fox (another player's pawn). All pawns are moved over the line connecting the fields. The fox may take the geese pawns by jumping over single ones to empty fields, as in Draughts. The game ends when the fox cannot make a move or when there are too few geese to effectively block it.

The set consists of:
- 33 fielded board made of leather
- 13 clay pieces of geese
- 1 clay piece of fox

After the game, the board turns into a bag for pieces. All pieces are hand-made, the board is burned on the leather.

The shade of leather may differ from the one show in the picture.

Halatafl (Fox and geese) - Medieval Market, halatafl fox and geese lis i gęsi gra średniowiecz
Halatafl (Fox and geese) - Medieval Market, halatafl fox geese lis gęsi  medieval game gra śre
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