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Early medieval plates (St. Maurice) - second quality

Early medieval plates (St. Maurice) - second quality

Century: XIII
Early medieval plates (St. Maurice) - second quality. Medieval Market, St Maurice plates on wool

Early medieval plates (St. Maurice) - second quality - Medieval Market, early medieval plates maurice płaty wczesne

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Torso protection made of metal plates from high quality spring steel riveted to a textile coat. The coat is made of three layers of fabric (wool-cotton-linen). Metal plates are shaped and hardened to maximise their durability. They have very good mobility. The coat is fastened on the back with metal buckles with great possibility of size adjustment. Steel rivets are used here to mount the plates onto the coat. This model of plates is based on a sculpture of St Maurice form Magdeburg cathedral.

ATTENTION: the measurements should be taken while wearing your gambeson.

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Available plates:

id 349 - black, leather, S/M, 2nd quality - slightly dirty

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