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Category: Accessories > belts

Simple medieval civil belt

Simple medieval civil belt

Century: XIII, XIV
Simple medieval civil belt. Medieval Market, Belt 1 - medieval

Simple medieval civil belt - Medieval Market, Belt 4
Simple medieval civil belt - Medieval Market, Belt 3
Simple medieval civil belt - Medieval Market, Belt 2

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SS1315LeatherHand-made 49.90 EUR

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A medieval belt of 1 cm width and made of natural leather. It is characterized by simple design, elegance and universality. The leather is smooth, without additional embossment and mounts. The belt is decorated with a buckle (based on English findings).

based on a finding in England.

Width: 1 cm
Length: 150 cm

Thanks to its universal shape this type of leather belt is appropriate for almost any period of the Middle Ages, both with male and female costumes. It is available in 4 colors:
- black
- red
- brown
- natural

Medieval belts and their role

In the Middle Ages, belts were an inherent part of human’s outfits. Often richly decorated, they were used to tie around the waist and also to attach various items like pouches or weapons. Both men and women wore leather belts of various width and color, often with metal elements or embossed patterns. Fabric belts were less popular.

Like all former clothing, medieval belts had a symbolic role. Wealthiness and marital status - especially in the case of women - were displayed in the costliness of dress and accompanying accessories.

All of our belts are based on archaeological findings and iconographic representations. Also, they are manufactured by high level craftsmen. The leather used in the process of manufacturing belts is dyed with natural pigments and it is 3-4 mm thick.

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