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Category: Furniture > furniture

A bench type 1

A bench type 1

Century: XIV
A bench type 1 . Medieval Market, bench

A bench type 1  - Medieval Market, bench
A bench type 1  - Medieval Market, bench
A bench type 1  - Medieval Market, bench

CODE Material
MNOS0221AlderMixed 120.00 EUR
MNsS0220PineMixed 120.00 EUR

* Please write the extra wishes in the place 'additional information' at the end of the order.

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A folded bench easy to transport. Measurements: length 1000mm, seat width 300mm, height 450mm.

ATTENTION! You can order impregnation of furniture with linen oil for a surcharge. To choose this option, write your wish in "additional information" box during placing the order. The price of impregnation is 6% of the value of the product.

Although furniture was home equipment, we can also find furniture in knight camps, where they spoke of the status and wealth of the owner. In camps we can find such equipment as: buckets, baskets, pots, tables, stools, chairs, chests and even beds. The early gothic furniture was made from massive boards. Out of the survived originals the most common are chests, which particularly stand out because of the richness of the form (there often appear on them carves and emblems of the owners).

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