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Wooden training dagger

Wooden training dagger

Century: XIV, XV
Wooden training dagger. Medieval Market, Wooden Dagger

Wooden training dagger - Medieval Market, Wooden Dagger
Wooden training dagger - Medieval Market, Wooden Dagger

CODE Material
NoS1346see descriptionMixed 18.00 EUR

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A wooden dagger made of ash, with a total length of ~ 39 cm. For safety reasons, blade is pointed with a ball.
This training dagger for combat is used in fencing schools for years. It helps in improving skills without body injuries. Perfect for those, who make first steps in fencing.
An example of a medieval dagger can be found on the graveyard of Konrad Kolbe von Boppard from 1393.

The use of a wooden dagger

The simulator of a medieval dagger ought to be used only for thrusting practice or for light sparring without using much strength. It shouldn't be used to hit any hard, metal or sharp items. Such activities may cause damage to the wooden dagger.
Please be careful when using a training dagger. Non-compliance of these instructions may result in injuries.
Also, we recommend wearing a proper clothing for a chosen type of training (e.g. quilted body protection, hand protection, head cover).
Blade length: ~ 25 cm
Total length: ~ 39 cm
Blade diameter: ~ 1,7-4 cm
Weight: ~ 0,25 kg

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