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Folding X chair with a backrest

Folding X chair with a backrest

Century: XV
Folding X chair with a backrest. Medieval Market, Chair

Folding X chair with a backrest - Medieval Market, Chair
Folding X chair with a backrest - Medieval Market, Chair
Folding X chair with a backrest - Medieval Market, Chair

CODE Material
MNS1350BirchMixed 190.00 EUR

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Medieval chair in X shape with a backrest. This historical furnishing is made of birch wood of high quality.

Our replica of a historical chair is convenient and very practical. It is light and easy to fold– thus, easy to transport.

Our medieval chair is 80 cm high. It’s seat has 33 cm of width.

This historical furnishing has a removable backrest. The backrest itself is straight and fitted to construction.

There is an opening in a shape of a three-leaf clover in the middle of a backrest. On a special request, we can make other openings or adornments. Send us a pattern to recreate, and we’ll prepare an individual pricing.

To increase the comfort of use, you can add a decorative pillow to your medieval X chair or decorate it with fabric.

Medieval X chair and historical sources

A folding chair in X shape was known in the ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. There was also a version without a backrest . A folding X chair was extremely popular during Middle Ages – it was used both during liturgy rites and as a way of rest. An example of medieval X chair with a backrest can be found in Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence, Italy.

ATTENTION! You can order impregnation of furniture with linen oil for a surcharge. To choose this option, write your wish in "additional information" box while placing the order. The price of impregnation is 6% of the value of the product.

Although medieval furniture was home equipment, we can also find furniture in knight camps, where they spoke of the status and wealth of the owner. In camps we can find such equipment as: buckets, baskets, pots, tables, stools, chairs, chests and even beds. The early gothic furniture was made from massive boards. Out of the survived originals the most common are chests, which particularly stand out because of the richness of the form (coat of arms and emblems of the owners often appeared on them).

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