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Medieval bag-hat

Medieval bag-hat

Century: XIII, XIV, XV
Medieval bag-hat. Medieval Market, Bag hat

Medieval bag-hat - Medieval Market, Bag hat
Medieval bag-hat - Medieval Market, Bag hat
Medieval bag-hat - Medieval Market, Bag hat
Medieval bag-hat - Medieval Market, Bag hat

CODE Material Standard Price
GMWS1358WoolMixed 17.00 EUR

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Medieval bag-hat made of wool with linen lining in contrastive color. It is similar to a bag for small items. Sewn with a machine, but finished by hand (medium standard) or all by machine (economic standard).

Bag-hat – how to wear it? How it was worn in the Middle Ages?

This historical headwear can be easily fitted to head's shape thanks to its construction. To reduce its girth, just curl up the edge. It will also make the lining visible which will work as additional adornment. The back-end of a bag-hat can be arranged in any way – on the back, on the front, or on the side – depending on wearer's needs.
This type of medieval hat was worn mostly by men, and with representative clothing or outer garments like coats, houppelande, robe. Still, historical sources present working classes also wearing these medieval bag-hats.

Colorful or richly encrusted medieval bag-hat

A woolen hat can be made in a chosen color, with linen lining in contrastive or the same color. To choose the best color, please check . But if you are thinking about something more, like linining of other fabric – printed linen, or decorative pearls, feathers, or bi-color outer fabric – please contact us. We will prepare an individual pricing and help you in choosing the best option.

Medieval hat in historical sources

Available copy of a bag-hat was based on numerous iconographical sources. In the Terence's comedy from 1400-1500, kept in de l'Arsenal library in Paris, most of characters wear this type of historical headwear in contrasitive colors. It is worth to mention the pages of former 14th century manuscript by Bertrand Boysset, kept in Inguimbertine library in Carpentras. Characters in medieval bag-hats, despite the dominant color, are easily standing out of the crowd.

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