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Category: Male clothing > arming garments

Notre-Dame Pourpoint

Notre-Dame Pourpoint

Century: XIV, XV
Notre-Dame Pourpoint. Medieval Market, \

Notre-Dame Pourpoint - Medieval Market, \
Notre-Dame Pourpoint - Medieval Market, \
Notre-Dame Pourpoint - Medieval Market, \
Notre-Dame Pourpoint - Medieval Market, \
Notre-Dame Pourpoint - Medieval Market, \
Notre-Dame Pourpoint - Medieval Market, \
Notre-Dame Pourpoint - Medieval Market, \

CODE Material Standard Price
PMLS1375LinenMixed 225.00 EUR

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Late-medieval pourpoint based on French iconography from 14th and 15th century. Our gambeson is characterized by low weight, hight mobility, and historical look.

This gambeson is inspired by model from Très Belles Heures de Notre-Dame and it was designed by us for the most demanding cutomers. Upper part has vertical stitchings (chest, back, shoulders). From the waist down and on the forearms, it has horizontal stitchings. This quilted aketon in standard version is buttoned up with tin buttons on torso and forearms. It also has a low stand-up collar.
Outer layer and lining of this medieval pourpoint are made of linen. Filling is made of woolen felt of 2 levels of thickness:
- thicker on chest (Y7b),
- thinner on rest of the gambeson (Y7a).
More information about thickness you can find here.

The shape of our pourpoint, which is based on Très Belles Heures de Notre-Dame, provides high mobility. On this arming aketon, we have used a new cut-out of the sleeve with so called "inverted elbow". That is why this quilted pourpoint does not go up and does not hinder the movement during usage. Mobility and low weight make "Notre-Dame" pourpoint work perfectly as a gambeson in historical, civil reenactment and knight fighting.

Tin buttons in this arming aketon can be changed to overcast stitchings or point bindings.

The pourpoint is available in 6 sizes, from XS to XXL, or in custom size (with a small charge):

Size Chest girth Waist girth Hips girth Height
XS 84-92 cm 72-80 cm 88-96 cm 164-170 cm
S 92-100 cm 80-88 cm 96-104 cm 170-176 cm
M 100-108 cm 88-96 cm 104-112 cm 176-182 cm
L 108-116 cm 96-104 cm 112-120 cm 182-188 cm
XL 116-124 cm 104-112 cm 120-128 cm 188-194 cm
XXL 124-132 cm 112-120 cm 128-136 cm 194-200 cm
Custom Individual measurements. Price + 20%.

In order to choose a color of your "Notre-Dame" pourpoint, please check it here before the purchase.

Which filling of a pourpoint is the best?

Woolen filling in a pourpoint has a lot of advantages. It makes a piece of arming clothing very light, closer to historicaly appropriate gambesons. Wool has a lot of important features:
- it can absorb a lot of water and remain relatively dry,
- it is s a perfect isolation,
- it is biodegradable.

All of the used fabrics and fillings are natural and safe for the environment.

The historical sources of "Notre-Dame" Pourpoint

Our gambeson is inspired on white pourpoints visible on the pages of "Très Belles Heures de Notre-Dame". There is an armed man who arrested Christ and brought him to law authorities. Illustrated book is dated to the first quarter of the 15th century.

Importand features:

- perfect as both civil and arming garment
- low weight
- natural materials
- historical look
- proper amortization
- highly hygroscopic
- naturally adjustable with thermal isolation
- high mobility
- new design of sleeves – "inverted elbow"
- fitted to body
- 6 sizes
- customizable
- simple ways of self-fitting to size
- multiple ways of usage

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