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Medieval oil lamp

Medieval oil lamp

Century: XIV, XV
Medieval oil lamp. Medieval Market, Medieval oil lamp. SPES lamp

Medieval oil lamp - Medieval Market, Medieval oil lamp. Medieval light
Medieval oil lamp - Medieval Market, Medieval oil lamp. Historical lamp
Medieval oil lamp - Medieval Market, Medieval oil lamp. Historical lighting
Medieval oil lamp - Medieval Market, Medieval oil lamp. Medieval lighting

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Steel oil lamp in medieval style. Our medieval lamp is a type of small cresset lamp, perfect for house, medieval camp, or to be used during a journey.

Medieval oil lamp is made of steel of high quality. This cresset lamp consists of oil container and a grip for moving with the lamp around. The container is closed with a twist which has a wick soaked in fuel in its center.

Dimensions of our metal lamp: total length approx. 16,5 cm, length of the grip – ca. 5,5 cm, diameter of the container – ca. 11 cm. The wick is made of cotton. To fill this medieval lamp, please remove the wick and pour some fuel through the hole.

This medieval oil lamp is stable which makes it perfect in both house and camp conditions. The convenient handle makes this cresset lamp easy to use during night walks.

Medieval lighting

You should remember thatmedieval lightingwas very expensive. Items such as candles, oils andoil lamps, and othermedieval lamps, were luxurious.

However, with every period come numerous technological changes. People, taught by the ancient times, started to place fire torches diagonally in metal or wooden wall handles. Thanks to that, the process of burning took more time. Also, people created steel covers for lighting which let the flames burn more evenly.

To cover candles, people used almost transparent pieces of leather, paper, wood, or metal. Often these were decorated, e.g. by punching holes in the material used.

Candles, in a form known today, gained popularity in 10th century. Together with more expensive bee wax candles, there were also candles made of tallow. What is more, their shapes started to differ. Short candles were used in woodenmedieval lamps, thin wicks were used in bedroom candle sticks, while thicker – in chambers and churches.

Among steel candle holders, there were also huge, hangingcandelabrums. More wealthy people could afford beautiful, encrusted decorations from bronze, silver brass, real silver, or even gold.Candelabrumshad curved footer, straight stem, ended with pin to empale a candle.

Cresset lampwas known in the ancient times. At first, they were made of ceramic materials (terra cotta, stone, or clay), later of bronze, brass, silver, and gold. The Greeks and the Romans filledoil lampswith olive oil.

What's an oil lamp made of

First cresset lamps were made of burnt clay, stone, terra cotta, or other ceramic materials. Together with the progress of civilization, people started to use bronze, silver, tin, and gold to produce oil lamps. Along with candles and candlesticks, these metal lamps were the most popular type of medieval lighting. Medieval oil lamps used lower quality olive oil as fuel.

total length – approx 16,5 cm,
handle length – approx. 5,5 cm,
diameter of container – approx. 11 cm.

- cotton wick
- made of steel
- it has a handle

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