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Medieval stool

Medieval stool

Century: XIII, XIV
Medieval stool. Medieval Market, Medieval stool. Historical furniture.

Medieval stool - Medieval Market, Medieval stool. Furniture from Middle Ages
Medieval stool - Medieval Market, Medieval stool. SPES medieval furniture
Medieval stool - Medieval Market, Medieval stool. Wooden historical stool
Medieval stool - Medieval Market, Medieval stool. Made by wood
Medieval stool - Medieval Market, Medieval stool. medieval furnishing

CODE Material Standard Price
MNDS1550OakMixed 55.00 EUR
MNsS1391AlderMixed 42.00 EUR

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A type of simple, foldable, medieval stool made of pine wood. One of the basic medieval wooden furnishings available in our web shop.

This historical furniture is a replica of a simple wooden stool from the medieval period. It is made of light pine wood. Its' dimensions are: diameter – 30 cm, height – 38 cm.

This piece of medieval furnishing is to be used by one person and consists of a round seat and three legs of hexagonal shape, finished with a cylinder-shape for mounting the leg into the seat. Our medieval stool can be also used as a small table or a footstool.

This type of wooden stool is a handy medieval piece of furniture – small and easy to assemble even in the hands of a young reenactor in a medieval camp.

Our wooden stool will also work perfectly as house furnishing. Its natural look makes it appropriate for modern, traditional or rustic interior. It is also a perfect choice for both historical and contemporary camping.

Proofing the medieval stool

There is an option of impregnating the medieval stool with linen oil for a small surcharge (+6%). To check the look of this product after linen-oil proofing, please click here. To use this option, please let us know in "additional information" field during purchase.

History of wooden stools

Wooden stools are one of the oldest furnishings for sitting. Unfortunately, it is hard to find their origins. Some historians believe that their popularity in Europe grew thanks to Varangian Guard which brought these from Byzantium.

Sources on our medieval stool

An example of a medieval stool can be found in 15th century manuscript „Der Renner”. This collection of moralistic stories comes from Austria, probably Tyrol, and it was translated to German by Hugo von Trimberg from Latin sources from around 1300. Currently, it is kept in Morgan Library & Museum, New York.

- super easy to assemble and disassemble
- very light (2 kg) and compact – easy to transport
- made from natural pine wood
- can be impregnated with natural linen oil

Due to the fact that our furniture is a result of craftsman's work, the measurements provided here might differ from the real ones by maximum +/- 1.5 cm.

Our medieval furniture is finished with sandpaper of 60-level grit. Therefore, in some softer spots of a piece of furniture, you may find some slight, natural wood nap which is a result of polishing. It practically disappears after impregnating the furniture with the use of natural methods such as linen oil or wax. If you plan to varnish the furniture in more contemporary way and want us to make the furniture’s surface smoother (i.e. use sandpaper of higher grit), please contact us and we will tell you the price of the option.

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