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Medieval soldier triangle tent

Medieval soldier triangle tent

Medieval soldier triangle tent. Medieval Market, Side view of medieval soldier triangle tent

Medieval soldier triangle tent - Medieval Market, Front view of medieval soldier triangle tent
Medieval soldier triangle tent - Medieval Market, Open medieval canvas tent called triangle tent
Medieval soldier triangle tent - Medieval Market, Hammer a tent peg in medieval soldier triangle tent
Medieval soldier triangle tent - Medieval Market, Inside of the linen tent called medieval soldier
Medieval soldier triangle tent - Medieval Market, Tying the medieval soldier triangle tent
Medieval soldier triangle tent - Medieval Market, One pole from inside of medieval soldier triangle tent

CODE Material
NLS1445LinenMixed 850.00 EUR

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A Medieval soldier triangle linen tent is a perfect shelter for the reenactors of medieval period but also those who want to recreate the times of Napoleonic Wars or the American Revolutionary War. This model of medieval canvas tent will be perfect for one or two persons.

This triangle tent is made of impregnated linen of 650 g/m2 density. The dimensions of our medieval soldier tent are: 3 m of length, 2 m of width, 2 m of height. This model’s construction consists of two vertical, 2 metres long double-poles and a double-part horizontal bar of 3 m length. The poles are connected in the middle with a rope of 8 mm of thickness. This triangle tent is attached to the ground with tent pegs.

The whole set consists of:
- the tent sheet
- two double bars of 2 m length
- vertical, two-part bar of 3 m length
- 21 m of a polypropylene rope of 8 mm thickness for binding the poles
- 10 tent pegs + 2 spare pegs
- a bag for the tent
- a bag for tent pegs
This triangle tent is simple in setting up and transportation. Its shape and size make it a perfect choice for one or two users.

The medieval soldier triangle tent will be perfect for soldier camping. Still, it can be used during reenactment events and other expeditions as well.

NOTE! There's an option of changing the polypropylene rope for hemp rope with no charge. Polypropylene ropes are more durable and they stretch and twist less easily.

Under the influence of bad weather conditions (heavy rain for example), wet leather elements may taint the tent's fabric.
The leather used for strengthening fabric in places where there are pegs, entry, and guy ropes is in natural colour.





Windshield: Additional 20 cm wide stripe of fabric attached to the bottom edge of the tent sheet to protect against wind and damp.

+ 55€

+ 89€

Decorative cotton tapes: Coloured decorative tapes along the seams. Made of 3cm wide cotton tape.

+ 99€

+ 249€

Hand painted tent: Hand- painted tent according to customer's suggestions.


Sources on Medieval Soldier triangle tent

One can find a triangle tent in 15th century iconography, e.g. in the collection called De Machinist by Paolo Santini. There is a scene presenting a medieval camp with this type of tent for medieval soldiers. This model will also be perfect choice for reenactors of Napoleonic Wars and American Civil War eras.

Another example of a triangle tent can be found on the painting by Charles Wilson Peal from 1781. It is titled Colonel Walter Stewart, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line and it presents an army camp with numerous tents in a triangular shape. The work can be found in Yale Center for British Art.

Triangle tent - most important features:

↪ made of impregnated linen (with waterproofing and anti-rotting impregnation);
↪ easy in setting up and transportation;
↪ based on historical sources;
↪ dedicated for one or two users.

History of triangle tents

Triangular tents of this type were extremely popular between 15th and 20th centuries. Depending on the needs of the user, they had various sizes but their shape and purpose remained unchanged. During the Independence War, soldiers’ tents were used by both sides - British and American. These historical tents could store around 6-8 soldiers. Some model, beside the entrance, had also a removable side wall. The triangular “Soldier” tent was also used during the Napoleonic Wars.

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