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Category: Male clothing > outer garments

Woolen purpoint without quilting

Woolen purpoint without quilting

Century: XIV, XV
Woolen purpoint without quilting. Medieval Market, Medieval gambeson for man

Woolen purpoint without quilting - Medieval Market, Gambeson without quilting
Woolen purpoint without quilting - Medieval Market, Back of medieval pourpoint
Woolen purpoint without quilting - Medieval Market, Side of woolen pourpoint
Woolen purpoint without quilting - Medieval Market, This aketon is closed with an overcast lacing method,
Woolen purpoint without quilting - Medieval Market, Sleeve of pourpoint without quilting

CODE Material Standard Price
WMWS1453WoolMixed 251.90 EUR

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A woolen purpoint without quilting is a type of universal civil medieval gambeson. This type of aketon will work well as a camp clothing, a gambeson for reenactment or a purpoint under the armor.

This woolen purpoint is made of high quality materials. The outer layer is made of wool while the lining layer - of linen. This aketon is closed with an overcast lacing method, with the use of a long string finished with aiglets. The purpoint has also a low collar.

However, the most distinguishing feature of this purpoint will be the lack of quilting. It gives the clothing a more civil look, making it a bit similar to cottehardie. This woolen purpoint is also characterized by its low weight. It is a result of using the innovative way of filling with woolen felt. Amortization layer on the chest is average (Y7b) than on the rest of this purpoint (Y7a).
More information about thickness you can find here.

The new design of the sleeve, so called “inverted elbow”, increases the level of mobility in our purpoint. Construction does not hinder the movement and does not go up while wearing. It is an all-purpose garment. Woolen purpoint works perfectly as civil clothing, camp clothing, or under-armor clothing. As it is based on historical sources, we can recommend it for both reenactors and HMB fighters.

Size Chest girth Waist girth Hips girth Height
XS 84-92 cm 72-80 cm 88-96 cm 164-170 cm
S 92-100 cm 80-88 cm 96-104 cm 170-176 cm
M 100-108 cm 88-96 cm 104-112 cm 176-182 cm
L 108-116 cm 96-104 cm 112-120 cm 182-188 cm
XL 116-124 cm 104-112 cm 120-128 cm 188-194 cm
XXL 124-132 cm 112-120 cm 128-136 cm 194-200 cm
Custom Individual measurements. Price + 20%.

The range of colors in this model of purpoint is very wide. Check them here before placing an order.

Purpoint in historical sources

An example of similar purpoint without quilting, closed with an overcast lacing method, can be found in Chroniques de France ou de St Denis. This manuscript is currently stored in The British Library.

The most important features of our woolen purpoint without quilting:

↪ can be worn as both civil garment and arming garment
↪ low weight
↪ natural fabrics
↪ proper amortization
↪ high hygroscopicity
↪ natural thermal regulation and isolation
↪ high mobility and freedom of movement
↪ new sleeve design - so called “inverted elbow”
↪ medieval jacket fitted to body shape
↪ 6 sizes to choose from
↪ option of custom sizing
↪ historical look
↪ proper amortization

Woolen felt and it properties

Natural wool as the inner layer in this medieval jacket has various advantages. It makes this clothing lightweight and closer to historically correct garments. Wool has a lot of features desired by users:
↪ high hygroscopicity - it can absorb a lot of water without the feeling of the gambeson being wet
↪ perfectly isolating gambeson material
↪ biodegradable
The medieval jacket fabric and its filling are natural and eco-friendly.

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