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Wooden buckler

Wooden buckler

Century: XIII, XIV, XV, XVI
Wooden buckler. Medieval Market, Wooden buckler is a perfect completion of the set of medieval armament

Wooden buckler - Medieval Market, is dedicated for one-hand usage
Wooden buckler - Medieval Market, The handle of our wooden buckler is made of elm wood
Wooden buckler - Medieval Market, The wooden handle is specially profiled
Wooden buckler - Medieval Market, is covered with linen canvas

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Wooden buckler is a perfect completion of the set of medieval armament. This model of buckler is mostly designed for one-handed sword fighting.

A buckler is dedicated for one-hand usage. Ours is made of wood and steel, consisting of three parts: a wooden shield, steel umbo and a wooden handle. The diameter of this wooden buckler reaches 30 cm. Approximate dimensions of the umbo are: 16,5 cm of diameter, 6,5 cm of height.
This wooden shield is covered with linen canvas. The basis of the umbo which has octagonal shape is attached to the shield with 8 rivets.
The handle of our wooden buckler is made of elm wood finished with Danish oil. The wooden handle is specially profiled which makes our buckler convenient to hold.

Wooden buckler in historical sources

Duel with the use of a sword and a buckler is depicted in Walpurgis Fechtbuch, often named by history enthusiasts as MS I.33 or just I.33 from XIII century. The treatise is stored in Royal Armouries, Leeds.
You will find two figures on its pages: a priest and his disciple, both in monastic clothing. The last two pages present a priest fighting with a woman - eponymous Walpurgis. It is assumed that the Master depicted in this treatise is an ex-military (experienced in fight), only clothed as a monk.

Basic features of SPES wooden buckler:

- appropriate diameter of the shield - 30 cm - umbo made of solid steel of 2,5 mm of thickness - wooden handle finished with Danish oil - profiled handle, compatible with any type of glove - raw, historical look

Short history of a buckler

Buckler in the past was used as a side-arm weapon attached to the belt during a fight. Together with a one-handed sword it was an extremely popular arm, especially in the 13th century. In general, the period of using a buckler in history starts in the 11th century and ends in the 17th century.

This set of arms was used mostly by knights but sometimes also by archers from lower social class, landsknechts, or Hussite mercenaries.

Buckler often had a decorative role in civil clothing. Together with a sword attached to the belt, it caused a clanking sound during a walk which was extremely fashionable in those days.

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