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Category: Accessories > kitchen accessories

Nuppenbecher glass

Nuppenbecher glass

Century: XIII, XIV
Nuppenbecher glass. Medieval Market, made from a colorless glass

Nuppenbecher glass - Medieval Market, characteristic for so called Venetian style
Nuppenbecher glass - Medieval Market, typical for the late-medieval German glasses

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A vessel made from a colorless glass, characteristic for so called Venetian style. The stem of a glass has decorative bumps and its foot is rounded. Only half of this vessel is covered in decorations, which is typical in this type of glass.

Product is dedicated to containing various types of cold drinks, like water or wine.

This design was well known in the Roman period. Nuppenbecher is one of the most famous types of vessels in history. However, its design evolved in the course of time.
The shape of a glass is typical for the late-medieval German glasses.

Material used in this model (but also other from our offer) is a so-called forest glass, which is manufactured in glasshouses in forest areas. Usually they are colored green or blue because of the high concentration of iron or the lack of components discoloring the glass mass.
If the vessel does not have a visible coloration, it becomes characteristic for the southern regions of Middle Europe.

Measurements of the glass:
height: 12 cm
capacity: 280 ml

Our Nuppenbecher glass is inspired by the patterns coming from the breakthrough of the 13th and 14th centuries.

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