Medieval candle holder

Candle holder stylized as medieval. 


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Candle holder stylized as medieval. Our medieval candle holder is a type of candlestick with a grip for one candle. Perfect for camping during medieval event, or in a house.

This medieval candle holder is made of high quality steel. It has 18 cm of length, 10 cm of diameter in saucer, and a pin of 3 cm height.

This medieval candlestick is for one candle. It will work perfectly with handmade beewax candle from our assortment.

Handy grip makes this product easy in transport. Metal candle holder, thanks to the material used and its weight, is also very durable and stable.

Lighting in the Middle Ages

One should remember that lighting, such as wax candles and oil lamps, was very expensive in the Middle Ages.

People started to place fire torch diagonally in metal handles on walls. Thanks to this simple trick, the process of burning was slower and lighting lasted longer. Also, people created steel covers for lighting which let the flames burn more evenly. To cover candles, people used almost transparent pieces of leather, paper, wood, or metal. These were often decorated, e.g. by punching holes of different shapes in the material used.

Candles, in a form known today, gained popularity in the 10th century. Alongside more expensive bee wax candles, there were also candles made of tallow. What is more, their shapes started to differ. Short candles were used in wooden medieval lamps, thin wicks were used in bedroom candle sticks, while thicker – in chambers and churches.

Among steel candle holders, there were also huge, hanging candelabrums. Wealthier people could afford beautiful, encrusted decorations from bronze, silver brass, real silver, or even gold. Candelabrums had curved footer, straight stem, and ended with a pin to empale a candle.

Medieval candle holders in sources

Examples of various medieval candle holders can be found in Die Nürnberger Hausbücher from 1448.

length – 18 cm
saucer diameter – 10 cm
pin height – 3 cm

- made of high quality steel
- easy to move around thanks to the handle
- easy to put down thanks to the feet
- it has a stable pin for emapling the candle

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