Large Umbrella with two poles (8.5x4m) - cotton

Large two-pole tent - 8.5 x 4 m, made of impregnated cotton (340 g/m2). Due to its design, the so-called umbrella refers to the medieval period. 


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Main color - Cotton
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Large two-pole tent - 8.5 x 4 m, made of impregnated cotton (310-340 g/m2). Due to its design, the so-called umbrella refers to the medieval period. Walls of this historical tent are attached to the roof with S-hooks. At the tops of the poles it has shafts with spheres that complement its medieval character.

This type of tent will prove to be very useful during historical events, shows, as well as outdoor weddings. It can be used as a space for many people, because it can accommodate a lot of different types of furniture, such as beds, tables or benches.

This quite large tent is very stable and easy to set up. Inside, it is possible to divide the space into several rooms. If you are interested in such an option, let us know and we will arrange the interior according to your requirements.

What is included in the cotton two-poled umbrella?

The umbrella medieval tent set includes:
- three-part tent sheet (roof, two walls)
- 20 ropes, each 3.5 m long, tied in the roof
- 20 ropes, each 2.5 m long, tied in the roof
- 60 hooks + 2 spare
- 56 tent pegs + 2 spare
- 2 wind ropes, each 15 m long
- 2 spheres for the poles + shafts for the banners
- 2 wheels (6 holes)
- 10 poles, diameter 23 mm, length 160 cm
- 2 large poles, 330 cm high
- 2 sets of metal elements for connecting the poles

There is a possibility of exchanging polypropylene rope for hempen one in the medieval tent Umbrella. The polypropylene ones are more durable, they unwind and stretch out less. On the other hand, the hemp ropes are 100% natural and fit into the historical realities.


Due to its construction - the so-called umbrella, refers to the medieval period. Inside, the tent is mounted on 2 masts with 2 wheels supporting beams.

We sew tents from high-quality impregnated cotton with a weight of approximately 340 gr/m2, which has rainproof and anti-rot properties.

This tent can serve as space for many people because it can accommodate a lot of various types of furniture, such as beds, tables and benches. Do you already have an idea how to adapt such an interior?

Some technical information

Due to the fact that our tents are made of 100% natural materials, they are intended to be used occasionally. By “occasional use”, we mean using the tent for several days in a row (up to 5 days), a couple of times during one year / season with drying it out after each usage.

Despite the rainproof and anti-rot impregnation, mold outbreaks may occur on material after long-term use of the tent and it may lose its rainproof properties - especially in humid weather conditions (prolonged rain, lack of sun, high air humidity, etc.).

Deterioration of the tent’s condition due to long-term use cannot be the basis for filing a complaint.

If you are interested in long-term use of our tents, please contact us and we will offer you an alternative to our standard tent materials (e.g. a mixture of natural material with polyester with increased resistance to moisture and mold).

Under the influence of difficult weather conditions (heavy rain), wet leathers may discolor the tent sheet. The leather used for strengthening fabric in places where there are pegs, entry, and guy ropes is in black color.

Where can you find two-pole umbrella tents?

By searching the sources of, among others from the Middle Ages, it is easy to find two-pole tents with various types of internal structures. An example can be a camp, presented in a manuscript from the end of the 15th century - Altes und neues Kriegszeug: Inventare der Zeughäuser Kaiser Maximilians I.


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Umbrella 2mast (8,5x4m) - cotton

Tent Card - Umbrella with two poles (8.5x4m) - cotton

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