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Body Linen

The task of medieval underwear was to isolate the body from the outer woolen clothes - it was the only element of garments that was regularly washed. Usually it was made of linen, for wealthier users of silk, and in the late part of the Middle Ages of cotton. It is a basic and inseparable part of former fashion, sometimes worn alone in a form of medieval peasant clothing for work.

Medieval men's linen consists of a shirt (camisia), braies (bracca) and sometimes an underwear belt, and medieval women's linen consists of a long shirt.

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Irish shirt

Body Linen - Medieval Market, loose medieval clothing for men

A long, linen shirt (or tunic), referring to the Irish, Gaelic style at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. It is characterized by quite a long length (without drape it reaches the ankles) and wide, puffed sleeves, reminiscent of those in outer garments from the end of the 15th century (e.g. ho...

Century: 16th, 17th, 18th

PRICE from: 105.00 EUR

Long braies

Body Linen - Medieval Market, Long braies type 2

Braies with legs reaching below the knees. The “tube” style with gussets near the waist. Ribbons near to the knees. Holes to fasten hoses for extra charge*....

Century: 13th, 14th

PRICE from: 29.00 EUR

Medieval shirt with round neck

Body Linen - Medieval Market, Shirt

A medieval shirt with bateau neckline. This type of historical underwear has characteristic quoins under armpits. Our historical shirt is made on a base of rectangle and it has spacious sleeves. It reaches the hips. ...

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 39.00 EUR

Medium braies

Body Linen - Medieval Market, Medium braies, scene

The braies are made from rectangles with gussets. The legs reach the middle of the thigh. ...

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 22.00 EUR

Short braies

Body Linen - Medieval Market, Gacie krtkie

Short braies without legs. ...

Century: 15th

PRICE from: 16.00 EUR

Simple medieval shirt

Body Linen - Medieval Market, hirts made of linen are an essential part of a former underwear

Medieval shirts made of linen are an essential part of a former underwear for men. Together with braies it makes a basic set for reenactors who start completing their historical costumes....

Century: 13th, 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 39.90 EUR

Tunic of Saint Louis

Body Linen - Medieval Market, Linen males underwear

Medieval long shirt of this type, also called a tunic of Saint Louis, is an interesting example of medieval underwear. This medieval long sleeve shirt will perfectly work out as an underlayer of a historical costume. ...

Century: 13th, 14th

PRICE from: 94.00 EUR

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