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medieval shoes

Medieval shoes from our assortment are dated to the later period of the Middle Ages, mostly from the 13th century and above. In this time boots and shoes gained a more specific look, like you can notice below. Shape of medieval footwear is based on various historical sources kept in European museums.

Our medieval shoes, like the rest of available clothing, are made by renowned craftsmen. There's a wide range of them to choose from, so you can get the best fitting model.


Hand sewn men's medieval shoes

medieval shoes - Medieval Market, Hand sewn men\'s shoes 2

Hand sewn mid height medieval shoes, made from natural cow leather. This medieval boots are fastened with two leather thongs. Our medieval shoes are based on XIV-XV century finds in Europe, for instance London or Gdask. ...

Century: 13th, 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 225.00 EUR

Handsewn shoes with studs

medieval shoes - Medieval Market, Leather shoes for man

Handsewn historical male shoes reaching up to the ankle. They are made from natural cowhide leather....

Century: 15th

PRICE from: 440.00 EUR

High lace-up medieval boots

medieval shoes - Medieval Market, High lace-up shoes 1 - medieval

A pair of high medieval boots for men. They are made of smooth vegetable-tanned leather of about 2 mm thickness. Our medieval boots in this version are machine-sewn and they have glued styrogum soles. The sole of this type prevents the boot from slipping. What is more, it is more durable and easier ...

Century: 13th, 14th

PRICE from: 179.00 EUR

Medieval leather boots with 3 straps

medieval shoes - Medieval Market, Over-the-ankle shoes 2 - medieval

Medieval shoes with three straps are a great choice for any reenactor. Our medieval boots provide high comfort of wearing which will be appreciated by any fan of historical events.Medieval leather bootsof this type have three straps on each shoe. They are made of two layers of 2mm thick leather alto...

Century: 13th, 14th

PRICE from: 139.00 EUR

Medieval men's under-the-ankle shoes

medieval shoes - Medieval Market, Medieval shoes

Medieval shoes reaching under the ankle, machine sewn. This type of medieval boots is made of smooth, vegetable-tanned leather of about 2 mm thickness. The sole, glued to the bottom of medieval shoes, is made of styrogum....

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 77.00 EUR

Medieval soldier's shoes

medieval shoes - Medieval Market, Medieval soldiers shoes

Our soldier's medieval shoes are dedicated for medieval reenactors. This pair of medieval boots will perfectly work during duels and group fights. Our medieval shoes have high tops....

Century: 13th, 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 199.00 EUR

Medieval townsman shoes

medieval shoes - Medieval Market, Medieval townsman shoes

A pair of medieval shoes will be a perfect choice for any reenactor. This medieval boots are comfortable and have unique design. Our medieval shoes will be appreciated mainly by merchants, townsmen and courtiers....

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 155.00 EUR

Viking boots for men

medieval shoes - Medieval Market, Men\'s leather shoes are made of natural, elastic, tanned cowhide.

As you may be aware, our projects are always based on historical examples. In the case of Viking boots, and other early-medieval garments, we had to do much more research. Still, we managed to make a unique pair of Viking boots, perfect for both viking reenactment events as well as for LARP and SCA....

Century: 5th-9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

PRICE from: 165.00 EUR

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