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Category: Female Clothing > under garments

"Hedeby" viking dress

"Hedeby" viking dress

Century: X, XI

CODE Material
SKlE1149Underwear linen Machine-made 109.00 EUR
SKWE1150WoolMachine-made 139.00 EUR

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A simple medieval dress based on Nordic clothing. This viking dress has long sleeves and is available in two options – linen or wool.

Our viking dress from Hedeby is a simple medieval dress. This type of medieval clothing is based on Nordic clothing from 10th and 11th century.

"Hedeby" viking dress is based on a finding from this particular place. It is characterized by widening gussets around hips. The gussets are also placed under armpits. This viking dress is ankle-long and has long sleeves.

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Main features:

- characteristic cut in the neckline
- simple, loose cut ensuring comfort of wearing
- perfect for everyday work and routines
- wool or linen to choose from
- dated 10th-11th century

Viking dress and its purpose

Most of all, this viking dress is practical. Nordic women used their medieval dresses in everyday routine, including house works.
This is why a "Hedeby" dress is characterized by simple look. Gussets ensure a freedom of movement and loose cut makes it easy in fitting to ones size.

Hedeby – medieval viking settlement

Our viking dress is sewn on the basis of a finding from Hedeby. This historical village in the early medieval period was the largest Nordic town of the Vikings.
Hedeby was placed near the southern end of Jutland Peninsula. Placing it between the narrows of Schlei Bay and Treene river shortened the journey from Western Europe to Baltic countries.
In old-Nordic language the town was called Heithabu, while in Latin – Heidiba.

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