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Medieval furniture

Welcome to the medieval furniture section! Are you thinking about furnishing your tent or house? You are in the right place. Quick shopping in SPES Medieval Market will surely make your historical dwelling much more practical and cozy. Here you can choose from many kinds of medieval furnishing - historical oak furniture, historical alder furniture and historical pine furniture.

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Many drawings from the Middle Ages show different, very interesting medieval furnishing. We can mention baskets, tables, stools, chairs, chests of different sizes, and beds.

Historical furniture and its purpose

It is worth to highlight that medieval furniture means not only the equipment for former castles and houses, but iconographies often show knight's furniture, presented in the works with knight's camps. Medieval furniture told of its owners high social status and wealthiness. Often, when possible, such people took their belongings for expeditions.

In SPES web shop, all sorts of chairs and folding chairs - from simple and practical constructions to exquisite and richly ornamented, designed for representatives of higher social groups - constitute a lion's share of the replica section of medieval furniture. Usually, there is an option of choosing the type of wood used for making the product.

We manufacture historical furniture made of oak, alder, or pine. For example, you can find here a famous Glastonbury chair from the beginning of the 16th century. Replicas of benches, solid and versatile, are also practical and worth mentioning. These are perfect as static medieval furnishings. However, thanks to the easy way of folding up, one will also make use of them during expeditions.

Medieval furniture over years

Just like many other things, historical furniture was also visibly changing in the course of time. Early Gothic room furniture was usually made of massive planks. Most of the original wooden medieval furniture saved till this day are the chests. These are often characterized by exceptionally rich forms. Special carvings, owner's emblems, and many other adornments can be seen on them.

Reenactors will surely appreciate a foldable table. It is available in a few types, depending on the needs of customers. Simple wooden stool (foldable) and spacious chest can also be mentioned among the most practical and unique medieval furniture. Former bedroom has to have an appropriate bed. In here you can find various types of beds, for example a light and comfy rope bed.

It is also a good idea to protect such unique furniture, that's why our shop can help you make them last as much as possible. For small additional payment, most furniture can be impregnated. Linen oil will reduce the impact of moisture on the wood.

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