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Medieval Accessories

Welcome to Medieval Accessories section! This is one of the largest and most diversified sections of SPES Medieval Market shop. You can be sure you will find here something you might want or need.

Click below to see list of medieval accessories:

How to make a medieval costume more attractive?

Centuries ago, accessories and medieval decorations had a very important role in finishing costumes. However, medieval fashion in matters of additions to the clothing for men was limited to few items: bags, money-mags, gloves (for knights), sacks, a range of adornments like chains, necklaces, rings, buckles, brackets. Medieval belts are necessary here - they informed other people about social status of their owners, and their absence could be perceived in a very negative way.Your will find here many kinds of medieval belts , as well as jewelry and finery (pins, brooches).

Badges were an interesting and attractive form of medieval decorations of a costume. These tin plates originally made up as pilgrim souvenirs from different places of Christian cult in whole Europe and Holy Land. Such badges were a tangible proof of undergoing a long journey to sacred places. Later, around XIV century, the secular badges also appeared, with different meanings and functions which you can learn from the product descriptions.

Nonetheless, accessories are not only elements of clothing and medieval fashion. Here you will find sections dedicated to medieval kitchen (range of vessels, aprons) or living in the camp (necessary ropes of different types and thickness, tent pegs).We are also keeping here medieval clothing for children (Cotte for boys and girls, a boys' Robe, a Gambeson for young knights).

Accessory for a medieval craftsman

A complex Do-It-Yourself section is another subsection you can find here - part mostly dedicated to talented reenactors who value high-quality natural fabrics and sewing with their own hands. We have done our best to fulfill the expectations of even the most demanding medieval tailors. Among the others, you will find here a Heddle - simple item helpful in making ribbons. Aside from a wide range of threads, lashes and finishing (decorative buttons), it is worth to take a look at natural fabrics in the form of printed linen with many patterns and colors to choose from.

Other accessories, still treated as historical replicas, are being stored in Other medieval accessory subsection. If you have not found a product you are looking for in other parts of our shop, it is worth to try there. Practical and convenient arm bags, useful linen bags, strings, candlesticks, gloves, and even historical board games for hours of good fun... It's just a small part of assortment available in this place!

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