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Medieval clothing for men

Between 13th and 15th century, medieval costumes for men has undergone similar changes as female clothing. In 13th century historical costumes were loose and not fitted to the body (cotte, surcoat). Around half of 14th century, medieval clothing became more fitted ( cotehardie, later doublet). Closer the end of 14th century, very spacious medieval clothing started to appear ( houppelande, robe) which were used simultaneously with other types of medieval clothing. Medieval fashion for men in 15th century, together with still popular hose, allowed males to use pants. Aside from civil medieval clothes, adequate social classes had a dedicated knight outfit, which consisted of quilted medieval clothing ( arming garments) and armament. All of this can be found in SPES Medieval Market.

Men's fashion in the Middle Ages

Our assortment is very broad. Everyone should find something interesting. True lovers of the former culture have a chance to assemble full historical costume of high quality. Examples of medieval clothing you can find here are: medieval body linen for men (medieval men's shirts and braies), undergarments (men's cotte, doublet, hose, pants, tunics), outer garments (cotehardie, Franciscan habit, houppelande, jopula, coats, robe, surcoat, tunic from 14th century), headwear (chaperon, hand-felted hats, a coif, straw hats, hoods, a torse for helmet). It is worth to take a look at knight' and arming garments (arming doublet, Rus kaftan, quilted gloves, quilted tunics, quilted legs, quilted bonet, quilted hoods, bindings, a range of gambesons and tunics), and medieval shoes. Wide range of medieval clothing available in our shop gives you a chance of assembling a truly unique set.

Medieval clothing over the centuries

Assortment available in our shop faithfully replicates specificity of the past. Products are based on historical sources which allow to precisely recreate all the elements of male medieval clothes from the Middle Ages. Our web shop gives you an opportunity to choose from the medieval clothing starting from the 10th century (Viking's clothes), and finishing on the 15th century. Such diversity should rise to even the most demanding customers. Fabrics used in the production of our medieval clothes are typical for this historical period. It gives a chance to feel the vibe of the former times. What is more, our web shop gives you an opportunity to choose not only from casual, everyday medieval clothes, but also from medieval clothing for knights.

Leather medieval shoes for men are available in two variants: hand-sewn or machine-sewn. We offer a wide range of coats of different length, with or without lining. Available assortment also consists a lot of gambesons of straight cut, with vertical or horizontal sewing, with stand-up collar, simple collar, or no collar.

What makes a high quality medieval clothing?

We can guarantee high quality medieval clothing, in coherence to the original historical men's fashion, and also professional customer's service. Our offer was created for historical reenactors fascinated by the culture of the Middle Ages. To meet the expectations of our customers, we are doing our best to ensure a wide range of medieval costumes for men, with respect to the specificity of particular periods of the age (from Viking's medieval clothes to the end of medieval age at 15th century). If your interest in former culture has just started and you are looking for help in assembling your first medieval clothing, feel free to contact us. We are opened for any suggestions and propositions.

Medieval clothes in our web shop are characterized by faithful recreating of the former times. This gives a great chance to take a look how medieval fashion for men looked like. What is more, our medieval clothes are available in many sizes and colors to choose. Keeping in mind individual needs of our customers, we also offer custom medieval clothes. If you are interested, send us a picture with description, and we'll do our best to prepare an outfit meeting your requirements.

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