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Women's medieval costumes

Our shop gives you an opportunity to complete a medieval lady costume . In this section you will find historical body linen (a chemise), medieval under garments (woolen or linen cotte) and also outer garments (medieval dress, houppelande, robe, coats, and other medieval costumes), women's headwear (kercheifs, straw hats) and leather shoes .

Our assortment consists of medieval female clothing from the whole period of Middle Ages, starting with the Hedeby dress (inspired by the vikings' clothes) and finishing with the 15th century medieval costumes. All of our historical costumes are made in accordance with the medieval fashion and based on the historical sources. Thanks to this, every female reenactor looking for a medieval dress will find here what she needs. Our shop will provide historical garments for a viking period reenactor, 13th century townswoman, as well as real 15th century lady.

Medieval female fashion

There is no such thing as one, all-purpose medieval female costume . In the Late Medieval period, between 13th and 15th century, medieval dress and other garments were undergoing numerous changes. Clothing in 13th century, medieval dresses primarily, was usually loose and not fitted to the body ( cotte , surcoat ). Around the middle of 14th century, medieval dresses started to change and became well-fitted ( cotehardie , Burgundian dress ). Since the end of 14th century, women's medieval costumes started to appear again, very spacious, with a cloche-cut and fastened with a belt under breasts ( houppelande , robe ). Such medieval dresses were used among other kinds of garments ( cotehardie ), together creating a wide range of medieval female clothing . This section gives you a chance to choose from a full selection of medieval fashion for women.

What we offer: medieval clothing, historical fabrics, custom made medieval womens costumes

We offer you both medieval casual wear and court clothing. What is more, you can find here a wide range of medieval woolen coats , indispensable during cold, windy days. Medieval shoes for women are available in two categories: hand sewn or machine sewn. We can also prepare hand sewn medieval dress for the most exacting customers.

In our shop we offer you a lot of patterns and colors of fabric used in medieval costumes, both wool and linen. We are not afraid of sewing the printed fabrics, e.g. the printed linen , with a number of various patterns. Our assortment consists of medieval dresses for woman with both long and short sleeves, tied up in the front or sides, well-fitted or loose, representative or casual. Perfect as a court dress, pilgrim or town clothing.

To finish/trim your medieval dress we can use two different standards.

- The average standard means machine sewn but all visible seams on your medieval woman costume are hand made.

- If you pay attention to every detail we can offer you a high standard. In this case your medieval dress will be full hand sewn.

Aside from medieval costumes available in our regular offer, we are opened for special custom orders for medieval dresses. Write us an email with an inquiry, description and pictures. We will prepare a medieval lady costume you have been dreaming about.

How to assemble a medieval lady costume?

If your journey with medieval reenactment has just started, feel free to contact us, and we will help you in selecting a proper historical women's costume. You can count on us in matters of medieval dresses worn by women in the Middle Ages. Ask us if you are not sure how to get dressed on a Viking event, or staging of the Battle of Grunwald. Your medieval costume will be not only perfectly fitted to the body, but also historically correct. As we remain open for your ideas and we offer a wide range of modifications and decorations, you can complete a truly unique medieval costumes.

Medieval costumes suited to the needs

Our medieval dresses are sewn for the customers' measurements. This is why we have prepared a precise instruction with a video presenting proper ways of measuring a body. If needed, you can contact us via phone or email .

We pay attention to every order so you can be sure that your medieval dress, or any other type of medieval costume, would meet your expectations.

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