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Medieval clothing - Medieval Market

At Medieval Market website we offer you a large choice of articles related to medieval reenactment. We try our best to make our assortment in highest quality and essentially reliable. That is why we cooperate with high class craftsmen who turned their fascination in the Middle Ages into lifestyle.

To assure historical accordance of our articles, we rely on the studies of historical sources (such as well preserved medieval findings) and when they are not available (none or few examples) we use illustrations, paintings and literature from the proper period.

Our offer, which we are constantly developing, consists of medieval clothing and medieval costumes for men and women, supplementary accessories, medieval furniture and medieval tents. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not give up and wri within 14 days period and we will return them their money. As far as medieval clothes are concerned, we guarantee that the product will be of high quality (in accordance to chosen standard) and it will fit (in accordance to given measurements). If the product will not meet these two conditions, we are obliged to provide any necessary corrections, exchange the product for a new one or return the money. We guarantee the high quality of our products and we declare that all medieval costumes were made ite to us! We are not afraid of special orders nor challenges (even a wedding medieval dress:).

Machine-sewn clothes with hand-sewn trimmings are in our standard offer so all the machine seams are on the inside and they are not visible. All medieval clothing from our offer may be entirely hand-sewn (what we recommend).

Guarantee of quality & satisfaction

We guarantee to our clients that our products will meet their expectations. If not, the client has the right to return the productn Poland by high class professionals.

Client references

I had to come back to your site and tell you how pleased I am with my order (Gambeson type 8) The first thing I noticed upon unboxing was that the garment was the most formidable I've held in 19 years of combat reenactment. Ordering the "thin" option for my gambeson in no way retracted from it's durability and every stitch was secure and in it's proper place.
Secondly it simply looks fantastic, putting it on felt like going back in time. The fit was PERFECT. Down to the last inch. The stitching on the chest did a better job of keeping the bottom of the garment from rising than any gambeson I've ever owned, and I had the mobility provided was excellent. The garment exceeded in it's purpose of making my armor very comfortable to wear.
Last but not least, it arrived a full week ahead of schedule. Something I have NEVER experienced from a custom garment company.
I could not be happier, and I will most certainly be recommending this company to everyone I can.

Thomas St.Cloud

Ich habe k´┐Żrzlich zwei paar Hemden in verschiedenen Gr´┐Ż´┐Żen erworben und beide Nutzer sind in h´┐Żchstem Ma´┐Że mit der Arbeit und der Lieferung zufrieden. Die Hemden sitzen hervorragend und sind bequem zu tragen. Die Verarbeitung ist uns positiv aufgefallen. Im vergangenen Jahr habe ich ein Zelt "Soldier Tent" - ArtNr: ToS0471 erworben und dieses nun endlich einsetzen k´┐Żnnen. Ich bin begeistert. Das Zelt ist schnell aufgebaut, ger´┐Żumig genug f´┐Żr eine Person mit Feldbett und voller Ausr´┐Żstung und dazu stabil und handlich verpackt. Alles in Allem m´┐Żchten wir unser Lob aussprechen und Sie motivieren so weiter zu machen, dann werden wir auch zuk´┐Żnftig treu bei Ihnen weiter einkaufen. Mit den besten Gr´┐Ż´┐Żen und W´┐Żnschen
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, A short time ago I bought two pair of linen-shirts in different sizes and we are both very pleased with the quality and zize of the fabric. Last year I bought the "Soldier Tent" - ID ToS0471 and have been able to use it this year. I'm simply enthusiastic about it. The tent is raised and dismantled within minutes, it is very stable and provides enough room for one person with a camp bed and all his equipment and armament and at the same time it is small boxed and easy to be transported. Altogether we wanted to give you our commandation and want to motivate you to go on in with the same quality as today and we will surely be buying at your store in times to come. With the best wishes and kind regards,

Martin Liebmann (Germany)

We ordered several dresses, chaperons and tents in march 2010. Everything was handled very nicely and a few minor issues were handled quickly and decently. Very happy with the way Grzegorz provides information & feedback. The girls were very happy with their dresses as were the men with their hats. Definately coming back for more later.
Agnanix (Netherlands)
Spitzen Qualit´┐Żt, sehr schneller und freundlicher Kontakt. Das Warten auf die handgen´┐Żhten Sachen hat sich mehr als gelohnt, habe schon wieder bestellt und werde das hier noch ´┐Żfter machen. Weiter so Medieval-Market Team !!
Mike (Austria)
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