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New Products

This is list of our products which were added to our offer in last 2 months.

A folding chair type 3 - stock

New Products - Medieval Market, folding chair

A folding chair made of pine wood or alder wood. Decorative endings of the seat support. Measurements: the seat (linen) 500x320mm, height 450mm. ...

Century: 13th

PRICE from: 55.20 EUR

Folding X chair with a backrest - stock

New Products - Medieval Market, Chair

Medieval chair in X shape with a backrest. This historical furnishing is made of birch wood of high quality....

Century: 15th

PRICE from: 152.00 EUR

Medieval soldier triangle tent

New Products - Medieval Market, Side view of medieval soldier triangle tent

A Medieval soldier triangle linen tent is a perfect shelter for the reenactors of medieval period but also those who want to recreate the times of Napoleonic Wars or the American Revolutionary War. This model of medieval canvas tent will be perfect for one or two persons. ...

Century: 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th

PRICE from: 850.00 EUR

Synthetic buckler shield

New Products - Medieval Market, A synthetic buckler shield is kind of training armament, using before IMCF

A synthetic buckler shield made of steel, plastic and wood. This equipment is inspired by medieval armament. It’s dedicated for one-hand sword fighting, for example during trainings for tournaments like IMCF World Championship. ...

Century: 21th

PRICE from: 90.00 EUR

Hand felted hat Dante

New Products - Medieval Market, Medieval headdress, hand felted hat named Dante for men and women

Hand felted hat “Dante” is an extraordinary medieval piece of headwear. A felted hat of this type is a perfect choice for any reenactor who aims to stand out in a crowd. This hat will work both as an interesting medieval headdress for women and practical, fancy headwear for men....

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 39.00 EUR

Jester's hood - stock

New Products - Medieval Market, jaspers hood

Large hood with two endings, made of two types of woolen fabric of different colors. Each ending has two tiny bells fastened to the tip. ...

Century: 13th, 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 68.00 EUR

Plain medieval belt - stock

New Products - Medieval Market, leather belt

Plain medieval belt is made of thick natural leather (~3 mm) of 2,7 cm width. It doesn't have ferrules, but it is finished with rounded tin buckle. Length of this leather belt is ~180 cm. ...

Century: 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 23.20 EUR

Medieval bag-hat - stock

New Products - Medieval Market, Bag hat

Medieval bag-hat made of wool with linen lining in contrastive color. It is similar to a bag for small items. Sewn with a machine, but finished by hand (medium standard) or all by machine (economic standard)....

Century: 13th, 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 12.00 EUR

Robin Hood medieval felt hat

New Products - Medieval Market, Robin Hood medieval felt hat

"Robin Hood" medieval felt hat is a perfect choice for adventurous reenactors. This medieval headwear, named after the famous robber from the Sherwood forest, will fit both women and men....

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 39.00 EUR

Courtier's medieval gloves

New Products - Medieval Market, Courtier’s medieval gloves

Leather gloves stylized as medieval gloves for a courtier. A pair of these historical gloves will work as a beautiful addition to a historical costume. They will also provide proper protection to the wearers hands. ...

Century: 13th, 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 75.00 EUR

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