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Category: New Products

This is list of our products which were added to our offer in last 2 months.

Products quantity: 4

Cotte for girls

New Products - Medieval Market, Cotte for children

Loose dress for girls. Made of linen or wool with no lining....

Century: XII, XIII, XIV

PRICE from: 22.50 EUR

A quilted hood 13th century

New Products - Medieval Market, 13 century quilted hood

Quilted hood sewn from four elements, worn under a chain mail bonnet or a helmet. Perfectly adjusts to various types of helmets (cervelliere, klappviser, close helmet) and thanks to its cut and seams...

Century: XIII

PRICE from: 44.10 EUR

Camp torch

New Products - Medieval Market, Camp torch 1 - medieval

A torch made of high-quality steel is a great idea for lighting up the darkness in your camp. It can also be used in the garden or in the castle. Metal top is to be adjusted to, for example, a matchin...

Century: XIV, XV

PRICE from: 53.10 EUR

Torse for helmet (orle)

New Products - Medieval Market, Torse for helmet (orle) 1 - medieval

Torse for helmet was a decoration worn by knights on helmets, inter alia during medieval tournaments. It played a decorative role, and its color referred to knight's coat of arms. It was decorated wit...

Century: XV

PRICE from: 26.10 EUR

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