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Category: New Products

This is list of our products which were added to our offer in last 2 months.

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Custom products

New Products - Medieval market, Medieval market

Custom product for client's needs

Century: XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XXI, X, XI

PRICE from: 1.00 EUR

Skjoldehamn tunic

New Products - Medieval Market, skjoldehamn tunic

A simple vikings' tunic made of wool or linen with no lining. It has four gussets widening it from the waist. Gussets at armpits allow free movement. The tunic is made of wool or linen, it has a li...

Century: X, XI

PRICE from: 140.00 EUR


New Products - Medieval Market, Kruseler - Medieval headwear for women

Kruseler is a Medieval headwear for women, a court headscarf used from the end of 13th century till the end of 15th century....

Century: XIV, XV

PRICE from: 125.00 EUR

Askew linear folding chair from Frankfurt

New Products - Medieval Market, Askew linear folding chair from Frankfurt

Foldable curvilinear chair with backrest carved in unusual way. it resembles the findings stored till this day in the museum in Frankfurt. Depending on interpretation, it is dated on ...

Century: XIV, XV

PRICE from: 250.00 EUR

"Umbrella" tent with one pole (fi ~ 4 m) - cotton

New Products - Medieval Market, \

An octagonal tent on the construction of "umbrella", with walls mounted to the roof with small "S" shaped hooks. Stable, much easier and faster in assembly than standard pavilions. Made of impregnated...

Century: XV

PRICE from: 995.00 EUR

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