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Wooden rounded shield

Wooden rounded shield

Century: XIII, XIV, XV
Wooden rounded shield. Medieval Market, wooden rounded shield

Wooden rounded shield - Medieval Market, wooden rounded shield

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aMoE1153see descriptionMachine-made 115.00 EUR

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A shield rounded at he bottom made of 8 mm plywood. Edges strengthened with a rope. Front and sides covered with two layers of fabric, back side covered with one layer of fabric. Painted white with acrylic paint.
Length: ca. 75 cm, width: ca 56 cm.

White colour is a good base for further painting.

The shield has a sturdy leather handle and adjustable belt, which allows custom fitting and comfortable use. The belt is made of two parts – the lower one has 2 holes the upper one has four holes. Tied with straps.

Shields were commonly used in Middle Ages to protect body during battles and duels. Heater shields appeared in 13th century, due to increased role of cavalry. But they were used also by foot soldiers. Heater shields were used until the end of 15th century.

It allows effective blocking of opponent's hits during sparings, trainings and historical reenacting.
The shield is designed for right-handed people. Those who are left-handed should ask about availability of such variant.
If you want a not painted shield you should write it in Customer opinion window while ordering.

Upon customer's request we offer custom painting of shields for extra payment.

Shield length: ca. 77 cm
Shield width: ca. 56 cm
Weight: ca. 3 kg

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