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Category: Tents > cotton tents

Shed (4,5x3m) - cotton

Shed (4,5x3m) - cotton

Century: XII, XIII, XIV, XV
Shed (4,5x3m) - cotton. Medieval Market, shed 4,5x3m cotton

Shed (4,5x3m) - cotton - Medieval Market, shed 4,5x3m cotton
Shed (4,5x3m) - cotton - Medieval Market, shed 4,5x3m cotton
Shed (4,5x3m) - cotton - Medieval Market, Coloured tent fabrics
Shed (4,5x3m) - cotton - Medieval Market, rope polypropylen hempen lina konopna polipropylen

CODE Material
TBE1216CottonMachine-made 249.00 EUR

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Rectangular sheet of fabric (4,5x3m) with trimmed edges, with 8 points where you can fix ropes. The set contains also 30m of rope and 10 pegs. The shed can be used as a simple shelter protecting from sun and rain (roof) it is an integral element of a medieval camp.There are no poles in the set. It's made from waterproof impregnated cotton (ca. 340 gr/m2).

The set consists of:
- the fabric
- 30 m of polypropylene rope
- 8 pegs + 2 spare
- sack for pins
- sack for the tent

Polypropylene ropes. There is a possibility to exchange polypropylene rope for hempen one. The polypropylene ones are more durable, they unwind and stretch out less.

Hand sewn standard is unavailable now.





One additional colour: Tents' sheet made of coloured cotton fabric or made of two colours: ecru and one additional colour.

+ 66€

Two or more additional colours: Tents' sheet made of coloured cotton in two or more additional colours.

+ 77€

Decorative cotton tapes: Coloured decorative tapes along the seams. Made of 3cm wide cotton tape.

+ 27€

+ 99€

Decorative merlon: Decorative merlon, different than standard one (type 1). Three options available: waves type (t. 2), tooth type (t. 3), crenels type (t. 4).

+ 69€

+ 97€

Hand painted tent: Hand- painted tent according to customer's suggestions.


ATTENTION: it is possible to make the tent sheet of a fabric in different colour than on the pictures of the samples. If you are interested, the surcharge is calculated individually. In such case, the order processing time may be longer. It is also possible to use coloured fabric only to one element of the tent sheet, for example: decorative merlon - in this case final price will be also calculated individually.


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