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Category: Male clothing > medieval headwear

Elongated hood

Elongated hood

Century: XIII
Elongated hood. Medieval Market, Woolen hood based on the early medieval period

Elongated hood - Medieval Market, hood  is falling on the shoulders, covering part of the arms
Elongated hood - Medieval Market, Back is elongated, reaching around the waist
Elongated hood - Medieval Market, hoods can be found in the Morgan Bible from the XIIIth century
Elongated hood - Medieval Market, Fastened with 8 smooth tin buttons
Elongated hood - Medieval Market, an be found in the Morgan Bible
Elongated hood - Medieval Market, is ended with a short, slightly falling tail

CODE Material Standard Price
GMWS1521WoolMixed 72.00 EUR
GMWS1522WoolMixed 72.00 EUR

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Male hood based on the early medieval period. Made from wool with linen lining. Fastened with 8 smooth tin buttons.

Hood at the front is falling on the shoulders, covering part of the arms. Back is elongated, reaching around the waist. This early medieval period hood is ended with a short, slightly falling tail, typical for hoods from the 12-13th centuries.

It is possible to change tin buttons to fabric ones (without extra charges). In that case, please choose one of the following options.
- GMWS1521 - Elongated hood with tin buttons
- GMWS1522 - Elongated hood with fabric buttons

REMEMBER! to provide us your head (B1) and neck (B2) girth. We will make your headwear the FASTEST!

NOTE! Depending on individual dimensions, the length of the hood can be different from what the pictures present.

Where can we find this type of hood?

Examples of elongated hoods can be found in the Morgan Bible from the 13th century. Other early medieval period hoods that apply to both men and women can also be found in this manuscript, e.g. our hood type 5.

What is a Maciejowski Bible?

A unique work which makes a great source for the research on civil clothing and aketons of the 13th century. This richly illustrated codex presents biblical events from Genesis to Book of Kings and to the time of David’s reigns.

283 illustrations document numerous examples of medieval clothing, both of civil and arming design. Among them we can find gambesons. An interesting fact is that fighting scenes are clearer and more precisely illuminated than scenes from everyday routine.

Illustrations in Maciejowski Bible are arranged in fours on each page in a thoughtful way. It is aimed to intensify the didactic role of the manuscript - struggle of good against evil, of what should and should not be done. It was a quite popular way of presenting a story in former biblical codices.

The manuscript has a few titles which can be used synonymously. We use Maciejewski Bible, but you can also call it Shah ‘Abbas Bible, the Crusader Bible or The Morgan Bible. This unique codex was created for Louis IX of France at the end of 13th century. Source is stored in New York, in Morgan Library and Museum.

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