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Category: Accessories > Jewellery and finery

Viking oval brooch

Viking oval brooch

Century: X, XI, XII, XIII
Viking oval brooch. Medieval Market, Oval brooch richly decorated with floral motifs

Viking oval brooch - Medieval Market, There is an ornamental flower in the center of the brooch
Viking oval brooch - Medieval Market, fastened with a needle at the back
Viking oval brooch - Medieval Market, They were worn in pairs, they had both a practical and decorative function

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Oval brooch, referring to the shape of a turtle shell, fastened with a needle at the back. On the front, richly decorated with floral motifs. They are arranged in the shape of a cross, which divides the surface of the "dome" into four parts. In the center of the brooch is an ornamental flower. At the base of the brooch is a hole to which a chain ensemble or corals can be attached. The so-called collar edge of the pendant is decorated with small dots.

Brooches of this type were very popular elements of viking and early medieval women's costumes. They were worn in pairs and served both a practical and decorative function. They were used to fasten the shoulder straps of outer aprons to under dresses. To them however, bands of chains or corals were attached, which at the time were an important and symbolic complement to women's clothing.

Brooch dimensions: 6.7 cm x 4.6 cm

Length of clasp (needle): 4,5 cm

Offer is for 1 piece, but we recommend ordering two brooches (as a pair).

Oval brooch and sources from the Viking era

Oval brooches were a popular type of jewelry worn by Viking and early medieval women. This type of fibulas, which additionally had the option of attaching beads or chains, were even more readily worn. To this day, whole sets (brooches + necklaces) have been preserved, originating in Germany, Scandinavia, England and even Russia.

Our oval pendant was inspired by finds from Scandinavia and Lithuania. The first ones are kept in Berlin's "Museum fr Vor- und Frhgeschichte" and the last in "The British Museum"

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