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A 13th century chemise

A 13th century chemise

Century: XIII, XIV
A 13th century chemise. Medieval Market, Long shirt XIII century

A 13th century chemise - Medieval Market, Long shirt XIII century
A 13th century chemise - Medieval Market, Long shirt XIII century

BKLE0019L i n e n Economical 55.00 EUR
BKLR0022L i n e n High 75.00 EUR
BKLS0021L i n e n Average 65.00 EUR

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A chemise is a type of medieval women's long shirt; to wear under the dress. An immanent part of historical clothing for women.

Medieval shirts available in SPES Medieval Market shop are made of linen in natural or white color. The corps of this undergarment consists of four trapezes: two in the front and two in the back. Sleeves are sewn with gussets under the armpits, and the collar is slightly 'V-shaped';. The shirt ends around the middle of a calf. Medieval undergarments can be tailored in custom sizes, with length and other measurements fitted to the customer's requests.

If needed, we can also use a linen of different color or prepare medieval chemises from other fabrics, e.g. silk or cotton.

How did medieval undergarments look like?

Centuries ago, medieval chemise was probably the only part of women's undergarment . It was worn directly on the body. In the 13th century, such type of underwear was loose and not fitted to the body, and our long shirt corresponds with the historical archetype.

An example of the undergarment which was an inspiration for us can be found in St Francis Xavier's Church in Paris. The shirt belonged to Isabella of France, sister of Louis IX 'The Saint', king of France.

Chemise size* Client chest girth (H) Shirt chest girth Shirt length Shirt sleeve length
S <85 cm 90 cm 115 cm 55 cm
M 86-95 cm 100 cm 120 cm 55 cm
L 96-105 cm 110 cm 125 cm 55 cm
XL 106-120 cm 120 cm 130 cm 55 cm
Custom +20% of the chemise basic price

*Please specify the chosen chemise size in Additional Information while ordering.

The task of medieval underwear was to isolate the body from the outer woollen clothes - it was the only element of garments that was regularly washed. Usually it was made of linen, for wealthier users of silk, and in the late part of the Middle Ages of cotton. It is a basic and inseparable part of medieval clothing. Medieval men's linen consists of a shirt, braies and sometimes an underwear belt, and medieval women's linen consists of a long shirt.

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