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Category: Male clothing > Body Linen

Simple medieval shirt

Simple medieval shirt

Century: XIII, XIV, XV
Simple medieval shirt. Medieval Market, A simple shirt  13

Simple medieval shirt - Medieval Market, A simple shirt 8
Simple medieval shirt - Medieval Market, A simple shirt  9
Simple medieval shirt - Medieval Market, A simple shirt  10
Simple medieval shirt - Medieval Market, A simple shirt 11 - medieval
Simple medieval shirt - Medieval Market, A simple shirt  12
Simple medieval shirt - Medieval Market, A simple shirt  14

CODE Material Standard Price
BMLE0003Underwear linen Machine-made 39.00 EUR
BMLR0002Underwear linen Hand-made 79.00 EUR
BMLS0001Underwear linen Mixed 49.00 EUR

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Medieval shirts made of linen are an essential part of a former underwear for men. Together with braies it makes a basic set for reenactors who start completing their historical costumes.

We make our medieval shirts from linen in white or natural color. On special request, we can use other colors or fabrics like silk or cotton. Underwear from expensive fabrics was worn mostly by higher social classes.

The presented medieval shirt consists of rectangles. It has a cut and strings under the neck. In the Middle Ages, depending on region and period, shirts could have had various finishing, differing in length, cuff, or collar. That's why on your request we can prepare a unique medieval shirt. Send us a picture of your dreamed-of medieval shirt, and we will prepare it for you.

Our shirts can be sewn in one of three standards.

↪Economic standard is sewed entirely by machine.
↪High standard means sewing by hand.
↪Medium standard is a mix of two: visible seams are made by hand, while the rest by machine.

The origin of a medieval shirt

The history of shirt is very long. The archetypes of medieval shirt are probably tunics from Central Asia. Tunic moved from there to Sumerians, Babylonians and Egyptians. Later, it gave rise to Greek chiton and Roman tunic. Camisia, a tunic from Gaul worn also by Teuton tribes, had a "T" letter shape, derived from the Middle East. In all Roman languages the word "shirt" comes precisely from the word "camisia".

The underwear for men and women started to differ in the 12th century. Medieval shirts for men, like the rest of clothing for men, became shorter, and female shirt was the basis of a chemise. In medieval Central Europe linen fabric was whitened by exposing it to the sunlight and pouring water, to speed up the process.

An example of a medieval shirt can be found in Tacoinum Sanitatis.

This shirt is available in standard sizes from XS to XXL or in custom size, fitted to individual measurements for additional 20% charge. To choose the proper size, please follow the chart below:
Size Chest girth Waist girth Hips girth Height
XS 84-92 cm 72-80 cm 88-96 cm 164-170 cm
S 92-100 cm 80-88 cm 96-104 cm 170-176 cm
M 100-108 cm 88-96 cm 104-112 cm 176-182 cm
L 108-116 cm 96-104 cm 112-120 cm 182-188 cm
XL 116-124 cm 104-112 cm 120-128 cm 188-194 cm
XXL 124-132 cm 112-120 cm 128-136 cm 194-200 cm
Custom Individual measurements. Price + 20%.

Please write down the chosen size in additional information box when you place the order.

The task of medieval underwear was to isolate the body from the outer woollen clothes - it was the only element of garments that was regularly washed. Usually it was made of linen, for wealthier users of silk, and in the late part of the Middle Ages of cotton. It is a basic and inseparable part of medieval clothing. Medieval men's linen consists of a shirt, braies and sometimes an underwear belt, and medieval women's linen consists of a long shirt.

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