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Category: Female Clothing > under garments

Medieval dress - cotte with lining

Medieval dress - cotte with lining

Century: XIII, XIV
Medieval dress - cotte with lining. Medieval Market, Lady\'s cotte type 2

Medieval dress - cotte with lining - Medieval Market, Cotte 2
Medieval dress - cotte with lining - Medieval Market, Cotte 2
Medieval dress - cotte with lining - Medieval Market, Cotte 2 - medieval dress
Medieval dress - cotte with lining - Medieval Market, Cotte 2

CODE Material Standard Price
SKWR0113WoolHand-made 350.00 EUR
SKWS0112WoolMixed 290.00 EUR

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Cotte is a loose under clothing from 13th and 14th century. It is widened with gussets from hips downwards. This medieval dress also has long sleeves and linen lining.

Basic fabric used in this medieval dress is wool. However, this version of a medieval cotte has linen lining. This increases the comfort of use because such historical dress does not irritate the skin.

Cotte has a loose cut with fitted sleeves around forearms. It has a characteristic cut in the neckline.
This medieval dress can be worn without outer layer (for example when temerature is high or when a casual house outfit is appropriate for the situation) with numerous decorations. We highly recommend choosing a medieval belt from our large assortment. Moreover, the cut in the neckline can be garnished with a decorative broche.

Check our stock before placing an order. You can find there a cotte available on the spot.

Main features:

- 2 standards of sewing to choose from – mixed standard and hand-made standard
- made from wool with linen lining
- practical long sleeves protecting against both rain and searing heat
- loose, comfortable cut with fitted forearm
- length reaching ground
- cut in the neckline

Medieval dress and former customs

The impressive length of this medieval cotte is the result of the former traditions and customs. Women in the medieval period were urged to cover their calves with their historical dresses as precisely as possible. Exposing this area of a body was perceived as highly inappropriate and perverse.

Cotte – a popular historical dress

This type of medieval dress was worn both by women and men. The difference was with its length – men wore it shorter, women longer. Medieval cotte was put over a shirt and as an under garment it was rarely used as endmost layer of clothing.
Usually people used another layer in a form of an outer garment.
This is the reason why cotte as a historical dress had a rather simple design.

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