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Category: Accessories > Do-It-yourself

Printed linen Italian pattern Deer

Printed linen Italian pattern Deer

Century: XIV, XV
Printed linen Italian pattern Deer. Medieval Market, very nice cream color of the material

Printed linen Italian pattern Deer - Medieval Market, perfect for a court outfit or a gambeson
Printed linen Italian pattern Deer - Medieval Market, You won\'t find another pattern like this
Printed linen Italian pattern Deer - Medieval Market, close-up of patterned printed linen

CODE Material Standard Price
ANLR0806see descriptionMixed 27.00 EUR

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The technique of preparing printed fabrics was described at the turn of XIV and XV century in Cennino Cennini's book 'About painting'. There are several findings of pieces of printed linen all over the Europe.

Our fabric is a copy of Italian pattern from the turn of XIV and XV century. The print is made with black ink on linen. The original is made of silk and kept in Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA).

Available colours:
ANLR0806 / LDJCS0429- black pattern on a creamy background

The price is for 1 meter of fabric.

Please specify the colour of the fabric in additional information when ordering.

Attention: Due to the uniqueness of the product - quantity is limited/till stock lasts.

There is a possibility to order one of our producst (male of female civil garment, gambeson, tent lining etc.) made of printed linen. To get more detailed - contact us.

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